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Share Your Secrets to Turkish Success

Hi everyone, Peter Galante, founder of Innovative Language Learning here. With 2012 winding down, it’s time to check in and see just how far your Turkish has progressed with TurkishClass101! Around this time of year, our inboxes start filling up with success stories from users all around the world. (You can share your story here.)

This year, I’d like to share my 2012 Chinese language success story with you. On January 1st, 2012 I made a resolution to learn Chinese. What was different from past years?

  1. I wrote out the resolution and left it on my desk, where I looked at it each day;
  2. I listened to ChineseClass101 lessons or vocabulary lists each day during commutes on my mobile phone;
  3. I used my ChineseClass101 lessons as study material with my tutor;
  4. I set smaller goals: weekly and monthly;
  5. And a few more tactics and tricks I’d be more than happy to share if you’re interested.

The results? As of the last week in November, my two weekly 30-minute Chinese lessons are 99.9% in Chinese. And we’ve progressed to the point where I can talk about personal interests such as personal finance, taxes and online life with my tutor.

How did I do it? Basic and Premium members simply mail me, and I’ll share ALL the secrets. Not a member? Become one now and find out how to master any language, fast:

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My rapid language progress is not unique. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of students just like you ace exams, travel with ease and open doors to new, life changing opportunities. We even helped a young man propose to his girlfriend in her native language! (She said “Yes!”)

Motivation is the Key to Success
These stories keep our team motivated to continue working hard to deliver the freshest and most effective learning tools online. So we want to hear from you!

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How have our lessons and learning tools helped your Turkish? Did you reach any major milestones with your language studies? What are your language goals for 2013? Click on the link below and let us know!

We want to hear your Turkish learning story!

The Power of Community
Not only do your stories keep us motivated, they help to encourage other students in our TurkishClass101 community! By sharing your progress, you’re helping to pay it forward – just in time for the Holidays!

Share your progress and love of Turkish!

Thanks again for being a part of our learning community!

Peter Galante
Founder, TurkishClass101

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