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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, how are you?
I am Selin from TurkishClass101.com and I am here with another Turkish class.
Today, we are going to talk about Top 10 Phrases Tourists Should Never Use.
It’s a very delicate topic. I will be careful.
1. Bu iğrenç.
“That's disgusting!”
The first one is, Bu iğrenç.
“That's disgusting!”
Yeah, maybe you can say this for a food probably but it’s understand – I can understand you if you don’t like the food. So it’s okay.
2. Benim ülkem daha iyi.
“My country is better.”
The next one is,
Benim ülkem daha iyi.
“My country is better.”
Okay. Well, it depends on how you are saying this I think.
I mean, of course in some fields, some countries are better and if you are like talking about –
If you are making a comparison and if you are saying this,
“oh my country is I think better on that”, then it’s fine.
But if you are saying in an offensive way, then it’s not good I think.
3. Kendi memleketimde olmayı tercih ederdim.
“I'd rather be back home.”
Oh, I am sorry. Why? Then, why did you come?
4. Kapa çeneni!
“Shut up!”
Actually now like friends or family, sometimes we are using this and it’s not very offensive.
But again it depends on the situation and it depends on some circumstances, right.
So, if you are just you know joking, you can use it. It’s not bad.
5. Kültürünüz pek ilgimi çekmiyor.
“I'm not very interested in your culture.”
That’s offensive. You don’t have to be interested but I don’t know.
I mean, if you are visiting that person’s country, then I think it’s better to be a bit more careful about what you are saying.
6. Yeni insanlarla tanışmaktan hoşlanmıyorum.
“I don't like meeting new people.”
Hey, welcome. We’re welcome to antisocial cop. It’s fine. It’s also understandable I mean.
I am also not very good at meeting new people too.
But what you mean is, I don’t like meeting local people, then it might be offensive because like we think you are here so you can explore our culture or our people more.
But if you are saying I don’t like meeting them, then, why you are here kind of, right.
I think you should be more open-minded about it.
7. Hadi McDonalds'da yiyiverelim.
“Let's just eat at McDonald's.”
Its ok. You know, I cannot say anything about it because my mom, she really hates tasting new food.
And anywhere we go together, she is just like, oh let’s go McDonalds. Let’s go McDonalds.
I am like, no mom, we should try it. You should try but she is like no way, no way.
So sometimes some people are not very, how should I say, not very okay with tasting new food.
But for example, if you are coming to Japan, maybe some people don’t like raw fish, right?
Like Turkey, usually we eat fish like well cooked.
So, maybe they wouldn’t like to try Sushi for example like I think it’s kind of very big loss for them.
But it’s also kind of yeah, understandable.
8. Sıkıcı!
Ah! What is boring. Maybe let’s see. In Turkey, what is boring?
I don’t know. Historical artefacts, natural wonders, I don’t think they are boring.
I don’t think so. Maybe the person you meet talks about some boring stuff.
Then, you can say it’s boring. Don’t say no. Just be nice.
9. Bunun tadı berbat.
“This tastes awful.”
That might be offensive. Not offensive but like some local foods you know like Turkish Delight, Baklava or Kebab or whatever and of course, everyone cannot like it, right?
Of course, there will be some people I mean who don’t like it.
But sometimes when they say, oh, it’s like awful. I really don’t like it, I am kind of, oh really?
Okay, “I don’t like that.” Kind of sad.
10. Sizler medeniyetsizsiniz.
“You people are uncivilized.”
Yeah, the good one is the last one I think.
Sizler medeniyetsizsiniz.
“You people are uncivilized.”
This is the top – top word in this list I think. It’s really not good. It’s really not good for any country I think, right?
Nowhere. It doesn’t matter where you go. And one thing I mostly hear is also kind of offensive word.
“It’s barbaric” or like “you are so barbaric” like this.
Sometimes I hear and I think this is the most offensive word like,
“You are so barbaric” or “this is such a barbaric culture” like this.
It is really sad and disappointing.
We are finally over. Uh, I am glad we are over.
Today’s topic was a bit, like, hard to tell you. So because you usually don’t see these kind of things in the textbooks, right?
Well, but I hope it’s helpful for you. See you guys in the next video. Bye bye!