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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. I am Selin from TurkishClass101.com. Today, we are going to talk about Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabulary.
1. Bilet
Which means “ticket”
Lütfen biletlerinizi gösterin.
“Please show your tickets.”
So there is a Turkish word and it is akbil. Have you ever heard of it, akbil. It’s an electronic travel pass used for public transport in Istanbul and especially students are very familiar with this word. But I think now we have Istanbulkart. So Akbil is like the older version of Istanbulkart. And also there are some other travel passes that you can use in other cities too.
2. Turist
Bu yıl Antalya'ya gelen turist sayısında artış bekleniyor.
“This year, the number of tourists coming to Antalya is expected to rise.”
Okay. Let me name three popular tourist spots of Antalya. Number one is Damlatas Caves which is actually located in Alanya and it’s like one hour driving from the Central Antalya but it’s a really, really nice natural place.
And number two, yes. Aspendos Antique Theatre. It’s like historical ruins and it is from Ancient Greek times. Also not in the Central Antalya. It’s in Serik, which is 40 minutes away from Antalya but it’s definitely my favorite place because in summer time, we have like Opera festivals there and some ballet shows. So that’s why I really like Aspendos.
Number three. Düden Waterfalls. We actually have many waterfalls in Antalya but probably Düden is the biggest one and most popular one and it’s in Central Antalya.
3. Seyahat rehberi
Seyahat rehberi almak istiyorum.
“I want to buy an itinerary.”
If you want to buy an itinerary, you can visit any souvenir shop and just you can get one from there.
4. Tur otobüsü
“tour bus”
The next one is, Tur otobüsü
“tour bus”
Tur otobüsü saat 9'da hareket edecektir.
“The tour bus is going to depart at 9 o'clock.”
Well, in Antalya, we don’t have like hop on, hop off buses. But we have tour buses. In Istanbul, on the other hand, we have like hop on, hop off bus and you can get your tickets online or we also have like individual tours. You can also get your tickets online for them too.
5. Tapınak
Kyoto'da pek çok güzel tapınak görebilirsiniz.
“You can see many beautiful temples in Kyoto.”
Okay. Yes, we all know Japan is famous for the temples. How about Turkey? So, maybe most of you think we have churches and mosques and not temples but we have temples because Turkey was the home for ancient Greece once upon a time. So we have many famous temples actually in Turkey and the most popular one is in Side, Antalya. It is called Side Apollo Temple. It’s not just for the tourists but also for the local people. They visit there especially during the summer time, they go there and take pictures with their families. So still it’s a very, very popular place even for the locals and according to the legend, I am not sure if it’s true or not but it’s the place where Anthony and Cleopatra met but I am not sure if it’s true.
6. Cami
The next word is Cami,
Caminin minaresinden ezan okunuyor.
“The call to prayer is being given from the minaret of the mosque.”
Yes. We have so many mosques in Turkey because most of the population are Muslims and that’s why we have many mosques and we also have historical mosques in Turkey like Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. It used to be a church in Byzantine Empire but then after the conquer of Istanbul, it became mosque but now actually we are not using it. It’s just for like tourists. So not for the prayers.
7. Kilise
Şu an kilisede ayin yapılıyor.
“Right now a ceremony is being held in the church.”
So in Turkey, we have mosques and also we have churches too because in Istanbul, especially after the conquer of Istanbul, we were kind of open to all kind of religions. So that’s why we still have mosques and churches in Istanbul but also not just in Istanbul, in Izmir which is the west side of Turkey, we have another famous church. Maybe you know it. I am not sure. It is called The House of Virgin Mary. Did you know it?
I think it’s kind of a recent discovery, not from very old times. But it’s becoming more and more popular especially people who are Christian who would like to visit there. So if you don’t know, I definitely recommend you to go and check that place. The house of Virgin Mary. In Turkish, we call it, Meryem Ana Kilisesi.
“The house of Virgin Mary.”
Meryem Ana Kilisesi.
8. Tur
Yunan Adaları turuna katılmak istiyoruz.
“We want to participate in the Greek Islands tour.”
Actually, Greece is very close from Turkey and its very nice place to visit I think especially all those white houses, you know, the color, the sea. I went to visit too and about Turkey, if you want to join a tour. Yes, we have many tours. I think I also mentioned it before in this video. We have like group tours or individual tours in Antalya, Izmir, Istanbul and I think it’s better to make reservation before you come Turkey. You can make reservation online or through your travel agency.
9. Saray
Sarayın hazine odası restorasyonda.
“The treasury room of the palace is under restoration.”
So of course, we have many palaces too and do you know why? Because of the Ottoman Empire. And let me name three famous palaces in Turkey. So number one.
Topkapi Palace of course. Many Ottoman Sultans live there. It’s in Istanbul.
Number two. Yildiz Palace. Also many Ottoman Sultans live there or their family live there also in Istanbul.
Number three. Dolmabahçe palace. Dolmabahçe palace is also in Istanbul and Atatürk, the founder of Turkey spent his last days in this palace. We are still using it for like touristic purposes like tourists can still visit there or for locals or for Turkish people, we use it to make wedding ceremonies. I mean, maybe very rich people but they are still using it.
10. Rehber
Rehberimiz çok kibar ve bilgiliydi.
“Our guide was very kind and well informed.”
So Antalya, it’s a very large area and unfortunately if you don’t have a car, it’s a bit hard to see all those places by yourself. We need to rather use bus or taxi which takes time and money. So that’s why I think it’s better to like join a tour or have a guide. So your guide can explain you everything better. Your guide can take you all those places because all like the area it’s very large, I think.
We are done for today. So today we studied Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabulary. I hope it was useful for you especially if you are planning to visit Turkey, if you are planning to go to Turkey. Hope to see you guys in the next video. Bye-bye.