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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. I am Selin from turkishclass101.com and I am back with another Turkish video.
Today, we are going to be talking about Top 10 Ways to Prepare Your Travel.
1. Güzergahı belirlemek
“to choose your destination”
First one.
Güzergahı belirlemek
“to choose your destination”
Henüz gezi güzergahını belirlemedik.
“We haven't chosen our travel destination yet.”
You will see this word in your navigation system, Güzergahı belirlemek.
So it’s a really, really useful word I think.
2. Gezi rehberi satın almak
“to buy a guidebook”
Iyi bir gezi rehberi satın amak istiyorum.
“I want to buy a good guidebook.”
In Turkey, for buying a guidebook, you can go to famous tourism destinations like tourist spots.
Then, you will see, there will be lots of guidebooks there but usually sometimes it’s – sometimes actually it’s a bit pricey.
So maybe it’s better to buy a guidebook before you come to Turkey like from your own language but still if you need a guidebook,
then of course, you can buy in Turkey in tourism destinations like tourist spots or bookstores in Turkey you can find.
3. Para biriktirmek
“to save money”
Bu kadarcık maaşla para biriktirmek imkansız.
“It's impossible to save money with a wage like this.”
In the beginning, I say Bu kadarcık right?
Usually the word – the phrase is Bu kadar like it’s like to importance of the situation.
But when you add cik, it makes the meaning bigger actually like my wage is so low like Bu kadarcık maaş.
It means, “I understand that the wage is really low.”
So Bu kadarcık masala.
4. Uçak rezervasyonu yapmak
“to book a flight”
Uçak rezervasyonunu yaptın mı?
“Have you booked your flight?”
If not yet, then, we are Turkish airlines. Sorry for the commercial.
5. Maliyetleri araştırma
“to research the costs”
Karadeniz gezisi için maaliyetleri araştırıyorum.
“I'm researching the costs for a Black Sea trip.”
If you are going to Black Sea region in Turkey, then, two things you need to know that the Black Sea region is famous with its fish and black tea.
Black tea is very delicious there. And the other thing you need to know is that the people in Black Sea region are very friendly.
So they will be very – they will be very happy to see like tourists who visit their region.
6. Işten izin istemek
“to request vacation time”
Eğer müdür iyi günündeyse işten izin isteyeceğim.
“If the manager is having a good day, I will request vacation time.”
I don’t know what to say. In Turkey, I think requesting vacation time is not as hard as some other countries.
So the conditions of work I think it’s not very hard and not very easy as well. So it’s really true actually.
If your manager is having a good day, then it’s really better to ask the vacation time on his good day.
7. Kalacak yer tutmak
“to book accommodations”
İnternetten kalacak yer tuttum.
“I've booked an accommodation through the Internet.”
Yeah, on the internet, you can find really cheap price but it’s better to check where you are going before you are actually going because there are so many hotels in Turkey and so many places to stay.
So you need to be very careful before you are going whether it’s like matching with your needs or what you are expecting or not.
8. Uluslararası ehliyet almak
“to obtain an international driving license”
Sık sık seyahat edenlerin uluslararası ehliyet almasında fayda var.
“People who travel often should obtain an international driving license.”
So, if you have an international driving license, you can drive in Turkey as well.
And maybe from one city to another, you can just rent a car especially if the weather is really nice.
Then, you can go from one city to another by car with your friends. I think it sounds really, really like fun trip. Why not?
9. Pasaport yenilemek
“to renew your passport”
Süresi dolduğu için pasaportumu yenilemem gerekti.
“I had to renew my passport because it was expired.”
It’s really important. I mean, before you are going to abroad like if - I don’t know.
I think there are some rules about it, right?
Like it shouldn’t be like at least like you should be using at least for another three months or something like this.
So it’s better to check before you come to Turkey. So there will be no problems. I think it’s better to be much more careful.
10. Eşya toplama
“to pack”
Eşya toplamak çok yorucu.
“Packing is very tiring.”
So I think eşya toplamak, “packing,” is okay but I think you are packing for a travel in this example right?
You can also say like preparing your luggage. Then, you can say, bavul hazırlamak.
Bavul is like your suitcase, luggage.
Bavul hazırlamak, It’s also very common.
And that’s all for today. I hope today’s lesson was useful for you.
I mean, if you are planning to visit Turkey, if you would like to travel to Turkey.
Thank you guys for watching. See you next time.