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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! I'm Selin from TurkishClass101.com
Welcome to another Turkish lesson. Today, we have a very interesting topic to talk about, and it is Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Turkey. Ok!
1. Ayasofya "Hagia Sophia"
The first one is - Ayasofya "Hagia Sophia"
Ayasofya hem cami hem de kilisedir.
"The Hagia Sophia is both a mosque and a church."
Yeah, I think the Hagia Sophia is one of the most famous landmarks of Istanbul and it is made in the 6th Century, so very very old, by Byzantine Empire, and it was a church, actually, first, yes. And then after the Turkish conqueror, it became a mosque, Turkish repurposed it as a mosque, and some minarets were added. Now, actually, it is not open to public to pray, but you can go there and visit like a tourist attraction. But you can not just pray there, like, daily; it's not like Blue Mosque anymore, but it's just like a museum, a nice place to stay and visit for us.
2. Bergama "Pergamon"
The next one is Bergama "Pergamon".
Bergama eski çağlarda önemli bir şehir merkeziydi. "Pergamon was an important city center during ancient times."
Pergamon is located in Izmir. do you know Izmir? It’s in the west side of turkey and there are so many ancient artifacts from this region, it's a very famous region. Some of these historical artifacts, you can find in the Berlin Pergamon Museum.
3. Dolmabahçe Sarayı "Dolmabahce Palace"
Modern Türkiye'nin kurucusu Atatürk son günlerini İstanbul'daki Dolmabahçe Sarayında geçirmiştir. "Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, spent his last days in Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul."
Dolmabahce Palace is the largest Palace in Turkey and it has rooms, I think over 250, it's very very large and yes, Atatürk really spent his last days in this Palace. Right now, today, you can go there and visit and see the room where he actually spent his last days.
4. Efes "Ephesus"
Efes antik kenti İzmir'dedir. "The ancient city of Ephesus is in İzmir."
Another historical place in Izmir. Izmir is really full of historical places, I think, it's very very beautiful city. So Izmir, actually, if I'm not wrong, was built in ancient Greek period. Very old and still exist. So, you know, the famous Artemis Temple, the Temple of Artemis, it is a very famous temple and it is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, so it's definitely a must-see place if you're going to Turkey.
5. Kapalıçarşı "Grand Bazaar"
Kapalı çarşıdan hediyelik eşya aldım. "I have bought some souvenirs from Grand Bazaar."
When we say Grand Bazaar, the first thing that comes to my mind is carpet, Turkish carpet. I'm not sure if you knew about it, however, it’s very expensive, especially in Grand Bazaar. So you should maybe think twice before you actually buy one. But the design and everything is handmade so it's going to be a really nice souvenir, but think about the price too.
6. Pamukkale "Pamukkale"
Pamukkale travertenleri bir doğa harikasıdır. "The travertines of Pamukkale is a natural wonder."
Do you know the Pamukkale travertines? It's all right, and then it looks like a mountain, but it's all right. I'm going to tell you the exact meaning, the literally, what Pamukkale means. So Pamu means “cotton,” kkale means “castle”. So it literally means “cotton castle.” Because it looks like cotton castle.
You can also, there is some water in the travertines, you can enter, usually, people take photos there. It’s so nice place to, you know, spend your day; not just tourist, actually, local people are also going there to enjoy. So definitely a must-see place.
7. İzmir Saat Kulesi "Clock Tower of Izmir"
İzmir saat kulesi 1901 yılında inşa edilmiştir. "The Clock Tower of Izmir was built in 1901."
It's really nice, I used to live in Izmir before so that's why I think I'm always talking very good things about Izmir. But the clock tower is a landmark of Izmir and it is made by Abdul Hamid II, another Turkish Ottoman sultan, to celebrate his 25th anniversary for the accession to the throne. And the actual clock in the tower, it was a present from the German Emperor to the Ottoman sultan.
8. Sultan Ahmet Camii "Blue Mosque"
Sultan Ahmet Camii Avrupalılarca Mavi Camii olarak adlandırılır. "The Sultan Ahmet Mosque is called the Blue Mosque by Europeans."
The Blue Mosque is the most famous, I think, the landmark of Turkey. Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, they’re next to each other, and Blue Mosque is made by the order of Sultan Ahmed, and of course, that is why it’s named Sultan Ahmed.
So why Blue Mosque, you guys are thinking, right? Because of the interior design. The interior design is full of ethnic tiles, like, blue tiles, all over the mosque, inside I mean. That is why it is called the Blue Mosque.
In terms of design, it’s kinda a mixture of Islamic architecture and also there are some influences from Byzantine architecture, kind of like Hagia Sophia, but it's really really famous. And one more thing about this Blue Mosque is it has 6 minarets, and Blue Mosque was the first mosque in Turkey to have 6 minarets.
9. Topkapı Sarayı "Topkapi Palace"
Osmalı padişahları uzun yıllar Topkapı Sarayını kullanmıştır. "Topkapı Palace was used by Ottoman sultans for a long time."
So first things first, Topkapi Palace is located in Istanbul. Because Istanbul was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire, I mean after the Conquer of Istanbul, of course. And now, maybe you know, there are so many Turkish dramas about the Ottoman period of Turkey, and you can see Topkapi Palace, I think, in all of them. It's a really famous Palace, very large. And inside there is a very important historical artifact, it's a diamond called Kaşıkçı Elması. So if you go to Topkapi Palace, try to find it. It is called Kaşıkçı Elması, it's a very large diamond.
10. Kapadokya "Cappadocia"
Okay, the next one is Kapadokya "Cappadocia".
Kapadokya Peri Bacaları denilen doğa harikalarıyla ünlüdür. "Cappadocia is famous for the natural wonders called Fairy Chimneys."
When you say Cappadocia, the first thing that comes up to my mind is balloons, right? Very colorful balloons, so you can have a really nice view you. And do you know what is Fairy Chimney? There are so many of the Fairy Chimneys all over Cappadocia. It's a natural wonder, really, not human-made, nothing about the humans, all about the nature.
So let's say this is the ground, and it comes like this, and then there is like a roof on it, it looks like a house, actually, and as far as I know, people are actually living there and still some people are living there.
And it's finished! I think it was a very useful lesson today, and I'm sure after this class, you will go and check many of these tourist attractions. So tell me, did you visit Turkey before? And if you did, what was your favorite place? So for me, personally, I went, all of these places, among the places I went, I like, I think, Cappadocia the most. Because it's really interesting and it's a natural wonder. So tell me your favorite and I have to see guys in the next video. Please don't forget to subscribe to our Channel, and please visit TurkishClass101.com!