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Monday at 6:30 pm
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Hello everyone and welcome to TurkishPod101.com! How do you say "Thank you so much" in Turkish? Write it below!

Friday at 7:52 pm
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Hi Vaishali,

Thank you for joining us!

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.



Team TurkishClass101.com

Friday at 7:34 pm
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Nice start.... Tesekkur ederim😇

Monday at 9:07 pm
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Hi Krysta,

Thank you for posting.

Please check out this lesson:

Painless Turkish Grammar


It includes some tips on word order and how to form questions that may be of help :)

Great to hear that you already know a lot of Turkish vocabulary! For broadening your knowledge, how about checking out our Vocabulary Lists:


In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Team TurkishClass101.com

Monday at 2:33 pm
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Merhaba Nasilsiniz?

I just want to thank you for your help. I do know alot of words for turkish but cant put them together.

I hope that I can there with our help. Plus I teach what I know to others.

Friday at 2:11 pm
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Hi Tasbeeh,

Thank you for posting!

We are glad to hear that you are enjoying our lessons and material 😄

Let us know if you have questions.



Team TurkishClass101.com

Friday at 9:53 am
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Thank you:teşekkür ederim

Thank you so much:çok teşekkür ederim

Thanks alot:çok soal

Friday at 9:47 am
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It's very easy

Wednesday at 8:58 am
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Hi Lubaba,

We have checked the lesson and we couldn't find any issue.

Could you send an email to contactus@TurkishClass101.com?

Please make sure to indicate which part of the lesson you couldn't play and your username.

Thank you,


Team TurkishClass101.com

Wednesday at 3:59 am
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Very useful information, Çok teşekkürler. But I couldn't play the audio neither here or in the app.

Monday at 2:58 pm
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Hello tahir bukhari,

Welcome to TurkishClass101.com, and thank you for writing us!

TurkishClass101.com is free! You are never required to pay for the free lessons!

Please understand, however, that there is also a special section with extra lessons for those individuals who are truly committed and want to expand their knowledge even more.

Behind this website, there is a team of many people who work very hard, investing time and effort to produce every lesson. They are not volunteers. We try to keep our standards high; therefore, we require payment for giving you access to our extra services. Of course, there is also a large number of lessons that are provided absolutely free! We hope you can find these lessons useful!

The free account gives you access to the most recent lessons from the past three weeks as well as the first three lessons from any difficulty level. As we publish several lessons per week, you'll receive countless hours of free audio lessons to stream or download!

Check our Turkish Resources page as well for the free dictionary and much more! https://www.TurkishClass101.com/Turkish-resources/

We kindly ask for your understanding on this and wish you all the best on your language studies!



Team TurkishClass101.com