Lesson Transcript

We're around Eminönü today. There are so many small shops, but today we are going to the Grand Bazar.
So first you need to do the security check.
It's so shiny. It's not only spices, they are also selling some gold, or jewellery, and sweets.
I just smell the herbs and the spices.
Powders. So he mixed a few different powders, and now he is making tea for us.
Can you see the rose?
Zakuro flower, chamomile, roses, hibiscus, especially mixed.
And it's called "Love tea." Drink with your partner.
Don't drink alone. You cannot sleep.
We make them all here. It's not for vacation. There are no artificial inside. No sugar. No chemicals.
Can I ask what's the difference between these teas and these powders?
Powder ones are instant. Not really natural, but with sugar, sweet ones.
You bought a tea.
Slimming tea.
You bought the slimming tea and the detox tea.
And it's like 120 Thales.
120 Thales.
This is saffron. Saffron.
At the same time, it is medicine. Anticancer, antetimur, Parkinson, Anemia, good for eyes, high blood pressure.
It's even aphrodisiac. It's good for kidney meniscus.
Many things.
Crystal menthol. When you put this in hot water, it's blooming. If you hold them, it's ...
It's melding in hot water. It's for smell. Smell it slowly.
But it's good for respiration. When you have flu, when you are coughing, when you have headache, migraine, it's great for relaxation.
Put this powder into the hot water.
Put it here.
Smell it. It's a different flavor.
How is it?
It's kind of strong.
It's opening your nose.
It smells actually very good. I like this way.
This is a dress for Hamam. Hamam is like Turkish hot spa.
They have many different kinds of soaps.
Smells sweet.
So how do you use this? Like washing and… Musk amber.
This mells good.
But the design is Arabic.
The design, Arabic people, they do it.
Jasmine! Oh, so this is love tea, but looks different from the other shop.
Seems like they have their original brands depending on the shops.
Seems like.
The thing about this bazar, many of the items, they don't have a price on it.
So you have to ask and maybe negotiate.
So that's a little bit noisy.
Don't you think?
Yes. And also, once you go into the shop, they are really good at selling something.
So put that in your mind.
Baklava, right? Yes, baklava.
Turkish sweets.
So we're eating baklava.
How is it? Good.
The inside looks like this.
It's really sweet.
Really sweet.
When you visit from the Egyptian Bazaar, you'll find yourself in Eminönü.
So this is Turkish Delight.
I think this is coconut.
He said I can try, so I'm going to choose this
Turkish Delight.
It's not sweet.
So this is the traditional place to buy breakfast food, like cheese, salami, olives, and things like that.
If you like to negotiate, this is the place for you.
Thank you for watching. Bye bye!