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Okay, today’s topic is:
7 Minutes and 7 Seconds to Language Learning Success
You’re going to learn:
One: The 7 Minute 7 Second Rule to Language Learning Success
Two: Why 7 Minutes and 7 Seconds Is All You Need To Get Started with a Language.
And Three: How You Can Apply It to Your Learning
So, guys, do you have a hard time sticking with a language learning routine? Are you jumping around from one resource to another… and not really finishing any of them? Leave me a comment. If you are… If you're having a hard time consistently sticking with a language learning routine, this 7 minute 7 second rule is for you.
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Fourth — Learn How to Fill out Forms... in your Target Language.
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7 Minutes and 7 Seconds to Language Learning Success
Okay, So, what’s the 7 Minute 7 Second Rule to Language Learning Success?
First, let me tell you what happened to me recently. And I think a lot of you might relate.
So, not too long ago, I had a bit of free time and opened up YouTube to see what was new. And I ended getting stuck on a YouTube loop. You know, where you go through video after video after video. Then, you see some other interesting video in the recommendations. It’s very easy to get sucked in, right? And, one of the videos I watched was particularly bad and it just happened to be 7 minutes and 7 seconds long.
So this video brought me back to reality, like “What is this? What am I doing with my time?” and I realized just how much time I wasted - in total - just watching videos.
They are were all short, but the total time spent on them all? That was a lot of time wasted.
So that is where “7 minutes and 7 second rule” idea came from. From that one video. That if you and I have 7 minutes and 7 seconds to watch YouTube, then we have 7 minute and 7 seconds to learn language.
Now, you might be thinking “this isn’t enough time.” Or, “you won’t make a real dent in your language progress with that.” And maybe you’re right but here’s….
Why 7 Minutes and 7 Seconds Is All You Need To Get Started with a Language
First and foremost, for anything you do in life, routines are the cornerstone of success.
So if you can stick with a routine, you’re on a guaranteed path to mastering your language.
And the 7 minute 7 second rule gives you just that. A simple, specific routine. Put in just 7 minutes and 7 seconds a day, and when you’re done, that’s it.
Here's what’s so nice about the 7 minute 7 second rule:
First, it’s better for your motivation.
Think about it. When we think of language learning, we imagine spending hours learning a language… and this ruins our motivation, doesn't it? Or, if you knew you had to write an essay, and that would take 2 hours. You wouldn’t be too excited about starting it.
Now, imagine you had a stopwatch in front of you and you saw you had 3 more minutes to go. That doesn’t feel so bad. And that’s a major reason why this tactic works so well. It’s not a serious commitment that you dread all day. You don’t feel bad about it.
And second, it’s easy to do. There’s no excuse not to find 7 minutes and 7 seconds in a day... when a day is 1,440 minutes! So, if you’re walking or driving to the store for 10 minutes, you can easily put that time in.
So, think of the 7 minute, 7 second rule as your small, measurable goal for the day.
It’s the kind of goal that I often tell you to set.
It’s small enough to accomplish.
It’s measurable so that you know when you reach it. All you have to do is hit that number every day. and you’re done.
So, if you have a tough time getting into a language learning routine, this is perfect for you.
So, what should you do?
The first thing is, set a stopwatch to 7 minutes and 7 seconds, and put it in the background.
Then, start learning. You can use whatever resources you already have to fill up that time.
But, if you’re using our learning program...
The first, easiest thing you can do is to learn with our audio and video lessons. They’re usually between 3 to 15 minutes long. Just press play. Our teachers teach you a practical dialogue, they translate everything, and you start speaking.
If you’re under 7 minutes when the lesson is done, you can replay or review it. Or, you can move on to another lesson.
Second, study with our spaced repetition flashcards. Since you have to be actively paying attention, this will be a bit harder than just taking lessons. But again, this is something you can sink 7 minutes into.
Third: You can read and review the lesson notes. Inside, you get the lesson conversation, grammar explanations, the vocabulary and cultural insights. So, just read through and put in the time.
Once your stopwatch hits 7 minutes and 7 seconds, you’re done. You’re free. If you go over, that’s okay too. But 7 minutes 7 seconds is the minimum limit.
Then, repeat this tactic every single day and you’ll realize how easy it is to maintain this routine.
So, guys, if you’ve had a tough time sticking to a learning routine, definitely put this to use.
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