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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. I am Selin from turkishclass101.com
Herkese tekrar merhaba. Today, we are going to talk about 10 Foods That Will Kill You Faster.
The first one is...
1. Kızartma “Fried food”
Uzmanlar çok sık kızartma yemek konusunda uyarıyor.
“Experts warn about eating fried food too often.”
Turkish people really like to eat fried food so much, especially fried eggplant.
We say Patlican kizartmasi.
Eggplant. It’s fried Eggplant.
2. Cips “Chips”
Film izlerken yemek için büyük boy cips aldım.
“I've bought a large bag of chips to eat while watching a movie.”
So Turkish people usually eat chips while watching movie.
Yes, we eat chips but there’s one more thing we eat a lot and it is popcorn and we say, Patlamış mısır in Turkish. Patlamış mısır means popcorn.
3. Kırmızı et “Red meat”
Doktorum bana kırmızı eti yasakladı.
“My doctor has forbidden (me) red meat.”
I think if a doctor forbids a Turkish person to eat Red meat, then it is very, very hard for him or her because in Turkish cuisine, many of our I mean meal has a red meat. We really like red meat in Turkey.
4. The next one is...
Gazlı içecekler “Fizzy drinks”
Çocukların bu kadar çok gazlı içecek tüketmesi doğru değil.
“It's not right for children to consume this many fizzy drinks.”
In Turkey, most people consume I think cola. Coca-Cola. It’s like the number one fizzy drink that Turkish people drink.
5. Beyaz ekmek “White bread”
Kahvaltıda tereyağlı beyaz ekmek yemekten vazgeçemem.
“I cannot give up eating white bread with butter for breakfast.”
I think Turkish people; they eat white bread not only for breakfast. For lunch, for dinner. We love white bread very much. We can eat with any meal like together.
6. Sosis “Sausage”
Hotdog sosisle yapılan bir çeşit sandviçtir.
“A hotdog is a kind of sandwich made with sausage.”
In Turkey, the sausage because we do not eat pig, it is usually the cow but I think in foreign countries, it is usually pork or pig I think. I think there is a difference.
7. Hamur işi “Pastry”
Hamur işi yemeyi azlttığımdan beri 3 kilo verdim.
“I have lost 3 kilograms since I have cut down on eating pastries.”
Well, if you are going to Turkey or if you are interested in Turkey, then the pastry is a word that you hear a lot because we love pastry.
In Turkish cuisine, there are so many different pastries and usually they are very sweet and it’s… I am not sure if it’s a nice thing to hear but according to World Health Organization, diabetes, the disease, it is the number one cause of that in Turkey. I think it’s all because of the pastries.
8. Krema “Cream”
Diyette olduğum için kahvemi kremasız alacağım.
“I'll have my coffee without cream, because I'm on a diet.”
In Turkey, we drink Turkish coffee and originally Turkish coffee doesn’t have any cream in it but we put sugar. So if you are, like, on a diet, if you are on a diet, then you can ask the other person to not put sugar on your Turkish coffee.
9. Dondurulmuş gıda “Frozen food”
Bu süper marketin dondurulmuş gıda reyonu nerde?
“Where is the frozen food section of the supermarket?”
Again, I think frozen food, it’s not very common in Turkey. I mean, I am sure there are many people who are eating but I don’t think it’s very common. No.
They prefer to eat at home, I think. They prefer cooking and eating. So that is why they don’t usually buy outside like frozen food.
10. Patates kızartması “French fries”
Hamburgerinizin yanında patates kızartması ister misiniz?
“Would you like some French fries with your burger?”
I think Turkish people like French fries very much because we like burgers and we like fast food unfortunately, like burger, pizza. So French fries is yeah, definitely many people consume it. I can say that.
Okay. That’s all for today. I hope you learned a lot about the things that will kill you faster and I hope you don’t do that. So in this list, my favorite is unfortunately French fries. So which one is your favorite? I hope to see you guys in the next video. Take care. Bye-bye! Görüşürüz!