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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. Herkese merhaba. Selin is here from TurkishClass101.com. Today, we are going to talk about 10 Phrases You Always Want to Hear.
1. Bugün harika görünüyorsun.
“You look great today.”
Okay. The first one. Bugün harika görünüyorsun.
“You look great today.”
Well, then it’s really a great phrase to increase your motivation, I think. You can say it to your girlfriend, your mother. I mean everyone you love. So it’s a very nice Turkish phrase I think. It will make everyone happy. Believe me.
2. Seni özlüyorum.
“I miss you.”
Well, actually it is a nice phrase and it is kind of sad that you’re missing someone.
Seni özlüyorum or you can say after Seni özlüyorum, Seni görmek istiyorum.
“I want to see you.”
So it will increase the effect of the first phrase.
Seni özlüyorum. Seni görmek istiyorum.
“I miss you. I want to see you.”
3. Harika bir iş çıkardın!
“You did a great job!”
I’d like to hear that from my boss or from my teacher at school.
Harika bir iş çıkardın!
4. Ayın sonunda bir ikramiye verilecek.
“There'll be a bonus at the end of the month.”
Ikramiye, it’s a wonderful word first of all, let me say. And we say bonus too but the spelling, the pronunciation is a bit different for us.
We say bonus or ikramiye. Both are same, same meaning but I think bonus comes from the English one but because both have the same meaning, you can use both.
So ikramiye verilecek, bonus verilecek. Same meaning.
5. Biraz dinlen. Temizliği bugün ben yapacağım.
“Take a break. I'll do the cleaning today.”
Oh, it’s wonderful. Please do. There are so many things to do, right?
I mean, especially in Turkish houses like we have – we like large houses. So there are lots of things to do in terms of cleaning, I think. Cleaning, washing and everything. So if someone tells you like “take a break, I’ll do the cleaning today.” It’s like, oh, thank you. Awesome!
So Bugün ben yapacağım...
Biraz dinlen, it means, “you can take a break.”
6. Ve sen kazandın!
“And you win!”
What would you like to win?
I would like to win a competition, actually. I like to compete.
So you can say someone like who win a competition, a contest, Ve sen kazandın! Or lottery.
Like if you win the lottery, you can use the same phrase again.
Ve sen kazandın!
7. Haklıydın!
“You were right!”
This is I am sure Turkish girls will understand me again because like we would like to hear that we are right or Turkish girls think that we’d like to hear we are right.
So it is also another cliché phrase in Turkish like you just want to hear you are right.
I think that’s why they think it will make us happy to hear.
Sen haklısın. Hakliydin!
“You were right.”
8. Sana özel bir şey getirdim.
“I brought you something special.”
It can be a present, right? So we say hediye, armağan, both mean “present.”
You can say, Sana hediye getirdim, sana armağan getirdim or sana özel bir şey getirdim.
It will make any person happy to get a present.
9. Sen olmasan ne yapardım?
“What would I do without you.”
Wow! Very romantic, right? So you would like to use this phrase for who?
Well, for me, I would like to use it for my mother actually. Yeah. So I would like to say to her now.
Sen olmasan ne yapardım? Ha ha ha mother.
Hello, are you watching?
10. Yaşını göstermiyorsun.
“You don't show your age.”
I know this sentence. I know this one, this phrase makes many people happy but when I was in Turkey for example, they always told me that I don’t look my age.
So I look younger and I really hate that. I don’t know why because I think in Turkey, we don’t have very, like, sweet cute look but instead we prefer more like a cool, serious or more like a womanish look.
And if I look like a teenager even though I am a university student, then, I am not going to be happy about it, right?
So, I think if you say this phrase to everyone, then it doesn’t mean that it will make everyone happy but of course if you say it to like maybe middle-aged person like 30, 40, if you say, oh “you look younger” or “you don’t look your age”, then I think it will make those people happy.
Yaşını göstermiyorsun.
Okay. That’s all for today. I think this lesson was very fun, full of motivation. I hope you liked it. Tell me which one is your favorite phrase.
Okay, in my case, my favorite one is, sen olmasan ne yapardım? Because I am saying this to my mom.
So tell me your favorite one and I hope to see you guys in the next video. I will see you next time. Bye-bye.