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Lesson Transcript

Herkese merhaba! Hello everyone. I am Selin from turkishclass101.com, today, we are going to talk about 10 Phrases You Never Want to Hear.
Okay. Let’s go with the first one. This one, I never want to hear.
1. Son zamanlarda kilo mu aldın?
“Have you gained weight recently?”
Ah, don’t tell me ever, ever, ever. I hate this phrase and I am sure many Turkish girls hate this phrase. Actually like in Turkey, if you have friends that you didn’t see for a long time and when you see each other again, they use this phrase a lot somehow like,
Oh, you gained weight or you lost weight like this.
So Aa kilo mu aldin? Aa kilo mu verdin? Like this.
So no. Don’t say it to me ever. Please.
2. Okay next one.
Saçında beyaz var.
“You have a gray hair.”
No. It means, I am getting told.
Saçında beyaz var. Maybe you shouldn’t say it to the – usually like middle-aged Turkish women because I think they are not going to like it. No. Don’t say it.
3. Ben sana dedim!
“I told you so!”
Ben sana dedim!
It means, “I told you so!”
Oh, you hear from Turkish mothers a lot. And I heard a lot. Okay here it goes.
Ben sana dedim!
It means, “I told you so!”
They use it a lot. So like first, they warn you to not do something like no, don’t go there or don’t do this and then you do eventually and they say,
I told you so. I told you so. I told you not to do. So they use it a lot.
I am sure Turkish people who are watching this video, they understand me very well.
Ben sana yapma dedim.
In this kind of tone of voice, they say,
Ben sana yapma dedim. Yapma dedim. You hear a lot.
4. Kovuldun!
“You're fired!”
I mean who likes to hear this, right? In any language, you don’t want to hear it. Kovuldun!
Or okay, so if you are too proud to be fired, then you can say, no you cannot fire me. I quit.
Okay. Your boss is saying to you, Kovuldun!
Hayir, sen beni kovamazsin! Ben istifa ediyorum!
It’s very cliché in Turkish. Very cliché.
5. Sorun sen değilsin, benim.
“It is not you, it is me.”
Ah, who likes to hear this one, right?
Sorun sen değilsin, benim. Or there is one more breakup phrase and girls also like hate to hear that. Now, I am going to say it to you. It is,
Sen benden daha iyilerine layiksin.
It means, “you deserve better than me.”
Oh really? Seriously? No.
6. Başvurunuz için teşekkür ederiz, ancak bu pozisyon doldu.
“Thank you for your resume. However, the position has been filled.”
I heard it a lot when I was searching for a job. Or there is one more. I would like to share it with you like you went to an interview and then you are waiting for the results.
After the interview, they will tell you like, okay, we will call you back.
We also don’t want to hear that one too. And we say in Turkish,
Biz size döneriz.
It means, “we’ll call you back.”
And we don’t want to hear that one too, no.
7. Başka insanlarla görüşmeliyiz.
“We should see other people.”
Yok ya! Olmaz!
No. No. No. No. Have you ever had a Turkish girlfriend? You cannot say this. One minute later, you’ll be dead. That’s all. That’s all I am saying.
8. Bugün paranı veremeyeceğim.
“I don't have your money today.”
Well, I think in terms of money, well of course, I mean everyone wants their money back.
But if it’s a close friend or if it’s like a family member, then Turkish people are a bit more tolerant like they wait and then they get angry.
So they are more tolerant about money. If you say, ah, I am sorry. I cannot give your money back today, then, they will be I think tolerant first.
So Bugün paranı veremeyeceğim. Maybe then, you should say,
Üzgünüm! It means, “I am sorry.” Then, they will understand.
9. Bugün fazla mesaiye kalabilir misin?
“Can you work overtime today?”
Yeah sure. I was going to work. I love overtime.
Mesaiye, it’s the word that many Turkish people hate, extra work, right?
However, if you ask me that if there are so many people who are doing overtime in Turkey, I would say, probably yes but not so much.
Of course, it depends on the business field. You know what, especially, like, private companies, yes, they do a lot of overtime work.
10. Patron seni çağırıyor.
“The boss is calling you.”
Okay. Maybe it’s not bad, right. Maybe it’s good news.
So it’s not that bad to hear I think. Don’t be very hopeless about it.
Maybe they will give you like a bonus. Bonus means ikramiye in Turkish. So it’s so so, right? It’s not that bad.
Okay. That’s all for today. We talked about the phrases, sentences you never want to hear and I hope this video was helpful to you and I hope to see you in the next video. I hope to see you guys next time. Bye bye!