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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. I am Selin from TurkishClass101.com. Herkese merhaba!
Today, we will be talking about 10 Questions You Should Know. Okay, let’s start with the most basic one.
1. Adın ne?
“What's your name?”
Benim adım Selin.
Senin adin ne?
“My name is Selin.”
“What’s your name?”
2. Nasılsın?
“How are you?”
I think it is important to know this sentence because we usually ask each other how are you, how is it going? So please know that one.
Nasılsın? Ben iyiyim. Sen nasilsin?
“I am good. How are you?”
3. Nerelisin?
“Where are you from?”
Especially Turkish grandmothers, they ask a lot about this question because like of course not the country. I mean the city.
“Where are you from? Which city?”
Like because they want to know everything, right? So I am sure you will hear this phrase a lot if you go Turkey.
Nerelisin? Nerelisin?
“Where are you from?”
Ben Antalyaliyim. Sen nerelisin?
“I am from Antalya. Where are you from?”
4. Doğum günün ne zaman?
“When is your birthday?”
Benim doğum günüm 16 Ağustos.
“My birthday is August 16th.
Senin doğum günün ne zaman?
“When is your birthday?”
5. Nerede yaşıyorsun?
“Where do you live?”
Ben Antalya’da yaşıyorum.
Sen nerede yaşıyorsun?
“I live in Antalya. Where do you live?”
6. Nerede çalışıyorsun?
“Where do you work?”
The next one is Nerede çalışıyorsun?
“Where do you work?”
Ben otelde çalışıyorum.
Sen nerede çalışıyorsun?
“I work in a hotel. Where do you work?”
7. Telefon numaran ne?
“What's your phone number?”
Telefon numaran ne?
“What is your phone number?”
Well, don’t expect from me to say my phone number. But actually, if you want to become friend with a Turkish person, then you ask like after some chat, you ask the phone number usually right like “what is your phone number?” So we can talk.
But nowadays, I think people usually ask, do you have Facebook or do you have WhatsApp, like this.
And you can ask in Turkish like this.
Facebook kullaniyor musun?
WhatsApp kullaniyor musun?
It means, like, “do you have Facebook?” “Are you using Facebook?”
I think it’s more natural nowadays to say in Turkish if you want to become friends with someone.
8. Türkçeyi nerede öğrendin?
“Where did you learn Turkish?”
Türkçe benim anadilim. Sen Türkçeyi nerede öğrendin?
“Turkish is my mother tongue.” “Where did you learn Turkish?”
Çok güzel konuşuyorsun.
“You speak very well.”
9. Türk yemeklerini seviyor musun?
“Do you like Turkish food?”
Evet, Türk yemeklerini seviyorum, en çok sarmayi seviyorum.
“Yes, I like Turkish food, and my favorite is sarma.”
Do you know Sarma? Sarma is like cabbage roll or grape roll. So you stuff and wrap like leaves and you put meat or rice inside. It’s a very delicious Turkish food.
Türk yemeklerini seviyor musunuz?
En sevdiğiniz Türk yemeği ne?
“What is your favorite Turkish food?”
10. Kaç yaşındasın?
“How old are you?”
26 yaşındayım.
“I'm 26 years old.”
How old are you?
So, we are done for today. Congrats! Now you know 10 questions you should know in Turkish. Tell me all the answers to my questions. I’ll be waiting and I hope to see you next time. Bye bye!