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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! I’m Selin from TurkishClass101.com. Today, we’re gonna talk about 5 most popular sports in Turkey.
1. Yağlı Güreş “Oil Wrestling”
Yağlı Güreş
Yağlı Güreş “Oil Wrestling”
Her sene Edirne'de geleneksel yağlı güreş turnuvası düzenlenir.
Her sene Edirne'de geleneksel yağlı güreş turnuvası düzenlenir.
“Every year in Edirne, traditional oil wrestling tournament takes place.”
Oil wrestling, it’s like the national sports in Turkey. In Edirne, we call this festival, Kırkpınar Güreşleri, Kırkpınar Yağlı Güreşleri which is like “Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling.” And we call it oil wrestling because the wrestlers cover themselves with olive oil, and this is a very, very long tradition. I think they started Kırkpınar Wrestling in 14th century, so a very long time and Turkish people likes wrestling since then.
Wrestler is called pehlivan in Turkish. Pehlivan is the person who is doing the sport. Let me give you one example of the famous Turkish wrestler, Hamza Yerlikaya. If you want to check his life, you can check and he is one of the most famous wrestlers in Turkey.
2. Halter “Weightlifting”
Halter “Weightlifting”
Türkiye halterde başarılıdır.
Türkiye halterde başarılıdır.
“Turkey is successful in weightlifting.”
Yes, we have many, many, many famous people who are very successful in weightlifting. Let me give you some examples.
Halil Mutlu
Naim Süleymanoğlu
These are men, but we also have women.
Nurcan Taylan
Or Sibel Özkan
They’re also famous in weightlifting.
3. Basketbol “Basketball”
Basketbol “Basketball”
Türkiye milli basketbol takımının lakabı "12 dev adam"dır.
Türkiye milli basketbol takımının lakabı "12 dev adam"dır.
“The nickname for the national basketball team of Turkey is ‘12 giant men’.”
It’s super famous and do you know, they have a song, and the song is made by Athena, a famous Turkish rock band. It’s like…
?Uh Ah dev adam oniki dev adam?
Like that. It’s like national song in Turkey now.
But not just for the men. Actually, for Turkish, I mean Turkey National Women’s Basketball Team, they also have a nickname and they are called Potanın Perileri, Potanın Perileri which means “fairies of the basket.”
4. Yüzme “Swimming”
Yüzme “Swimming”
Sırtüstü yüzme yarışması başlamak üzere.
Sırtüstü yüzme yarışması başlamak üzere.
“The backstroke swimming competition is about to start.”
Recently, we have a very young swimmer and he broke the world record. His name is Hüseyin Emre Sakçı. You can check his name. Thank you Emre for breaking the world record.
5. Futbol “Soccer”
Futbol “Soccer”
Futbol Türkiye'de en sevilen spordur.
Futbol Türkiye'de en sevilen spordur.
“Soccer is the most popular sport in Turkey.”
That’s true, yes. And like…belonging to a team, supporting your team, it’s like super important and they are so big fans. I mean, they’re living for their teams, so, yeah, I...I can totally agree with this sentence. We have four big teams in Turkey. Of course, other teams are also very important, but maybe I can say four best-known football teams, and they are Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, and Trabzonspor.