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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! How are you today? I’m Selin from TurkishClass101.com. Today, we have a very joyful topic. It is 5 most popular Turkish bands. So before I start, I don’t want to offend anyone because I’m sure you have many Turkish favorite bands, but we just listed only five of them, but we have, actually, many more bands. My favorite is actually not on the list too, so just think of this as an example and later, in your comments, I would like to hear your top 10.
1. MFÖ “MFÖ”
MFÖ, 70'lerden beri popülaritesini kaybetmemiştir.
MFÖ, 70'lerden beri popülaritesini kaybetmemiştir.
“MFÖ has not lost its popularity since 1970's.”
So MFÖ consists of three male members and actually, they are pretty old, because, I’m afraid, it’s a very old band. And their name is Mazhar Alanson, Fuat Güner, Özkan Uğur. I’m sure their name is hard to remember though, I just wanted to say it. And one day Mazhar, so M of the MFÖ, and Fuat, F, they actually met, if I’m not wrong, in a record shop and Fuat was holding the Beatles record and then Mazhar saw it and said, “Oh, that guy has the same music taste as me.” And just went and said, “Hey, why don’t we listen together” and then MFÖ was formed.
Let me give you some examples of their songs, if you want to listen.
Ele Güne Karşı is number 1.
Number 2, Ali Desidero, Ali Desidero.
And number 3, Sarı Laleler which is a bit slow, emotional song.
2. Duman “Duman”
Duman “Duman”
Duman grubunun vokalisti yanık ve orijinal vokal tarzıyla ünlüdür.
Duman grubunun vokalisti yanık ve orijinal vokal tarzıyla ünlüdür.
“The lead singer of Duman is famous for his poignant and original vocal style.”
Actually, let me say this, when I give the Turkish example, it says yanık, right, for his poignant voice, but if I say yanık, I recall Turkish folk singers. Like we say yanık for folk music singers, I think, and this is a rock band, so maybe it doesn’t match that much, but I understand what they are trying to say with this example because Duman, I mean the vocalist guy, has so interesting voice, like the way he pronounces the words are so slow and long like this, like long and very interesting, but very catchy, so you should really listen. Duman, yes, it’s a rock band, and it literally means “smoke.” Duman means “smoke.”
The lead singer is Kaan Tangöze. The bass guitar is Ari Barokas. The lead guitar is Batuhan Mutlugil. I think they are… they are formed in 1999, something like that and they’re still an active band.
And examples for their songs, if you want to listen, well these are my favorites, so maybe you have your own favorites.
Number 1 is Köprüaltı.
Belki Alışman Lazım
Köprüaltı means “under the bridge.”
Belki Alışman Lazım means “maybe you need to get used to it.”
And also, they made a cover from a very famous Turkish singer, Sezen Aksu, Her Şeyi Yak “Burn Everything.” It’s also very famous.
3. Yeni Türkü “Yeni Türkü”
Yeni Türkü “Yeni Türkü”
Hiç Yeni Türkü dinledin mi?
Hiç Yeni Türkü dinledin mi?
“Have you ever listened to Yeni Türkü?”
If you haven’t, then you just go and listen.
Yeni Türkü means “New Türkü.” I think...I don’t know how to say Turkey, Türkü in English because Türkü is the word we are using for Turkish folk songs. It’s the name that we give for all like, folk music songs, Türkü, and their name basically means New Türkü. And they’re also a bit old band, but I think they’re formed 1970s, at the end of 70s, I think 80s almost. They have a very nice song which is…which gives me very nostalgic feelings and I’m sure it gives the same feeling to all people in my age in Turkey. It used...there used to be a Turkish TV drama, Süper Baba which means, basically, “Super Dad” and it was a…it was a drama, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. During the 90s, it was a really popular drama and they made the songs, the soundtrack for this drama, Bana Bir Masal Anlat Baba. It’s like super famous, very nostalgic feelings. The meaning is “tell me a fairytale dad” Bana Bir Masal Anlat Baba. The melody is super catchy. Just go and listen. You will see what I mean.
4. Mor ve Ötesi “Mor ve Ötesi”
Mor ve Ötesi “Mor ve Ötesi”
Mor ve Ötesi'nin müzik tarzını seviyorum.
Mor ve Ötesi'nin müzik tarzını seviyorum.
“I like the musical style of Mor ve Ötesi.”
Mor ve Ötesi is a rock band, so their music style is rock music, rock. And Mor ve Ötesi literally means “purple and more,” purple and more, yes. This is literally the meaning. Mor ve Ötesi, they joined Eurovision. Do you know Eurovision? It’s like the Europe song contest and Euro…the Eurovision was such a big deal for Turkey, let me talk about that a bit. We really care so much and Mor ve Ötesi was one of the bands that joined, represented Turkey in the contest. I think they ranked 7th, I guess, if I’m not wrong. They joined with a Turkish song. The Turkish song name was Deli which means “crazy” and I think it was a really nice song.
Let me also give you some other examples of their songs.
Cambaz. Probably, Cambaz is one of their biggest hits, Cambaz.
And Bir Derdim Var. Bir Derdim Var is a slow song.
5. Model “Model”
Model “Model”
Model isimli ünlü pop-rock grubunun dağıldığını duydum.
Model isimli ünlü pop-rock grubunun dağıldığını duydum.
“I've heard that the famous pop-rock band Model has broken up.”
Oh yeah, actually, yes, but they still continue doing music on their own. The lead singer was a lady, such a pretty lady and she’s still working with Demir Demirkan. Demir Demirkan is also another famous musician in Turkey. He works with Sertab Erener, so they still do music, but not as a band anymore. Their popular song was Pembe Mezarlık and it means “pink graveyard,” so they were a bit interesting band, but you can still go and check it out. It was a really nice song.
And that’s it for today. I think this is one of my favorite Top Word List. So as I told you, we actually have many, many other Turkish bands and it’s…I mean their name is not on that list, but it doesn’t mean they are not famous. Like for example, Moğollar, another legend, Bulutsuzluk Özlemi, another legend, and also my favorite, it’s Manga. Manga is like, how should I say it, they say Turkish Linkin Park for them. Ayna , Ayna means “mirror,” also, another old band. I think they don’t do music together anymore, though, but, yeah, so we have many, many others. Tell me your favorites. I would like to hear if you like Turkish music, which bands do you like. Share your list with me. I would like to read your comments. See you guys in the next video. Bye-bye!