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Lesson Transcript

Hello guys, I am Selin and today, I am your Turkish teacher and we are going to talk about “What are Your Top 10 Language Learning Goals for the Year?”
Okay, let’s start.
1. Günde iki ders dinleyerek TurkishClass101.com'daki Hayat Kurtaran İfadeler serisini bitireceğim.
"I'll finish Survival Phrases series on TurkishClass101.com by listening to two lessons a day."
I know it’s a bit long for you guys but I know you can do it. Just listen one more time and try to say it one more time.
2. Günde 10 sayfa okuyarak Türkçe bir kitabı okumayı bitireceğim.
"I'll finish reading one Turkish book by reading 10 pages a day."
Okay. It’s a very nice goal. If you are planning to read a Turkish book, I recommend you one classic, it is called Çalıkuşu from Reşat Nuri Güntekin. And it’s a really nice book. It’s kind of old. So maybe the language can be hard for you to understand. So this book has like a more simple version for primary school kids in Turkey. If you have a friend in Turkey or if you are planning to visit Turkey, then, try to find that kind of book like a simple version of the book. I think it’s going to be very good for you. I mean, if you are a beginner or intermediate level Turkish learners.
3. Türkçe sınavımı geçeceğim.
"I'll pass my Turkish test."
Good luck.
4. Türkçe bir filmi her gün izleyip tamamen anlayacağım.
"I'll fully understand one Turkish movie by watching it every day."
Wow! The same movie every day. Well, it must be hard. Okay, then I will recommend you some movies. If you like, like Romance, then, Love Loves Coincidences. It’s a very famous Turkish movie and I think it’s very easy to understand the language I mean. And Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, it’s like a mystery. In Turkish, we say,
Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da or the last one will be a classic.
It’s The Girl with the Red Scarf. In Turkish, we say, Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim and every Turkish person know that.
So maybe it will be good for you if you want to talk to them, if you want to start a conversation.
5. Türk arkadaşlarıma 3 dakikalık Türkçe bir tanıtım konuşması yapacağım.
"I'll give a 3-minute introductory speech in Turkish to my Turkish friends."
Okay. So you can start your speech by saying hello in Turkish then, right?
Merhaba. Ben Selin.
6. 5 tane Türkçe şarkı ezberleyeceğim.
"I'll memorize 5 Turkish songs."
Well, well, okay. So I have many Turkish favorite music bands but there is one and they are legendary and they are called MFÖ. Well, basically all of their songs got really popular in Turkey and I think their song is very easy to remember too. So don’t forget to check their songs, MFÖ.
7. TurkishClass101.com'daki Flashcards ile 350 kelime ezberlemeyi bitireceğim.
"I'll finish memorizing 350 words with Flashcards on TurkishClass101.com."
I think flashcards, the best way to learn a language. For me, I also use Flashcards. It’s just best for me I think.
8. Türk arkadaşlarıma 10 tane Türkçe kartpostal yazacağım.
"I'll write 10 postcards in Turkish to my Turkish friends."
I think it’s a very nice way to express your feelings to your friends. I also like to write postcards and why not. It also can help you to increase your Turkish skills.
9. Günde 5 kelime ezberleyerek 150 kelimeyi çok iyi öğreneceğim.
"I'll master 150 words by memorizing 5 words a day."
Okay. So maybe first, you can start with much easier words and then you can try to memorize more longer or like more difficult words. I think it’s better.
10. Türkçe'deki ünlü uyumunu doğru kullanmayı öğreneceğim.
"I will learn to use Turkish vowel harmony correctly."
It’s a bit hard for people who just start to learn Turkish, I know because we have a verb right and let’s say, according to Turkish vowel harmony, we are always changing the particle. So first, we have to look at the verb and then you have to change the particle according to the verb. It’s a very important rule and don’t forget that.
The end. Thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. I know this time the sentences were a bit long but I know you can do it. Bye-bye. See you guys.