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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. Welcome to top words. Today, we are going to be talking about The 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Turkish. Let’s start.
The 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Turkish.
1. Our first word is,
dizüstü bilgisayar meaning "laptop"
Yeni bir dizüstü bilgisayara ihtiyacım var.
"I need a new laptop."
Who is going to buy new one? I need one.
2. Our second word is,
parfüm, meaning "perfume"
Sevdiğim parfüm artık satılmıyor.
"The perfume I like isn’t being sold anymore."
3. Our third word is,
şiir kitabı, meaning "poetry book"
Sevgilime şiir kitabı aldım.
"I bought a poetry book for my lover."
Wonderful gift.
4. Our fourth word is,
dünya haritası meaning "world map"
Elinizde daha ayrıntılı bir dünya haritası var mı?
"Do you have a more detailed world map?"
5. Our fifth word is,
kamera meaning "camera"
Kameram çalındı.
"My camera got stolen."
6. Our sixth word is,
akıllı telefon meaning "smartphone"
Son günlerde herkesin elinde akıllı telefon var.
"Nowadays everybody has a smartphone."
Even my 3 years old niece, even she has it. Wah! Do you know, in Turkey, some summer camp started.
Okay, you send your children there and they are not allowed to use the smartphones, tablets, any kind of computer.
Any kind of communication device for a month or two. I think it’s one of the best things for a child because all they do is, to play on their smartphone these days and when you take it from them, they cry. They cry like you know, crazy. Really.
7. Our seventh word is,
oyun konsolu meaning "game console"
Mezuniyet hediyesi olarak oyun konsolu bekliyorum.
"I'm expecting a game console as a graduation present."
Nice expectation. I hope you get it.
8. Our eighth word is,
sözlük meaning "dictionary"
İyi bir Türkçe-İngilizce sözlük önerebilir misin?
"Can you recommend me a good Turkish-English dictionary?"
Yes, I can, turkishclass101.com
9. Our ninth word is,
Türkiye'ye uçak bileti meaning "a flight to Turkey"
Türkiye'ye uçak bileti ne kadar?
"How much is a flight to Turkey?"
It depends wherever you are.
10. Our tenth word is,
çiçek meaning "flower"
Çiçekleri vazoya koydum.
"I've put the flowers into a vase."
If I get any flowers of course.
Thank you so much for watching. Today, we talked about the 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Turkish. Thanks again. So, see you later. Görüşürüz. Bye bye.