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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. Welcome to top words. Today, we are going to be talking about the 10 Must-know Autumn Vocabulary. Let’s start.
1. Our first word is,
kazak meaning "sweater"
Anneannem benim için kazak ördü.
"My grandma knitted a sweater for me."
In fact, my mother did. My both grandmothers did.
In fact, I even knitted for my Barbie’s when I was a little girl.
2. Our second word is,
yağmurlu meaning "rainy"
Bugün hava yağmurlu.
"Today it is rainy."
I love rainy weather. Oh my god! Oh with coffee, pff.
Wonderful day for me.
3. Our third word is,
rüzgarlı meaning "windy"
Rüzgarlı havada şemsiye kullanmak zor."
“It is difficult to use umbrella during windy weather."
I have lost so many umbrellas during these wind weathers.
4. Our fourth word is,
serin meaning "cool"
Hava serinlemeye başladı.
"The weather started to get cooler."
“The weather is getting cooler.”
5. Our fifth word is,
sonbahar meaning "autumn"
İstanbul'da sonbahar hüzünlü olur.
"Autumn in Istanbul is quite melancholic."
Being there done that.
6. Our sixth word is,
nezle olmak meaning "to have a cold"
Sanırım nezle oldum.
"I think I have a cold."
7. Our seventh word is,
Kestane meaning "chestnut"
Kestane sonbaharda sevilen bir sokak yiyeceğidir.
"Chestnuts are a popular street food in autumn."
I love Chestnuts. When I was a kid, we had this little stove in the salon [unclear 0:02:04.4] because there wasn’t natural gas back then. Okay and we put chestnuts on the stove and before putting them, we used to crush them. Then we ate them. Oh my god. They were the best chestnuts I have ever eaten.
8. Our eighth word is,
uzun kollu gömlek meaning "long-sleeved shirt"
Uzun kollu gömlek mevsimi geldi.
"It is the season for the long-sleeved shirts."
9. Our ninth word is,
düşen yapraklar meaning "falling leaves"
Düşen yaprakları izlemek huzur veriyor.
"It is soothing to watch the falling leaves."
Isn’t it? Ah and if it is the rainy weather, oh my god, such a perfect combination. I can live with that forever.
10. Our tenth word is,
mandalina meaning "tangerine"
Pazardan iki kilo mandalina aldım.
"I bought two kilos of tangerines in the bazaar."
Probably I am going to become orange after eating two kilos of tangerine.
Thank you guys so much for it. Today, we talked about 10 Must-know Autumn Vocabulary. How is the autumn in your country?
Thank you and see you later, görüşürüz. Bye-bye.