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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. I am Selin and I am back with another series. Today, I am your Turkish teacher and we are going to talk about 10 Phrases for Surviving Back to School.
1. Sırt çantası
Sırt çantam çok ağır.
“My backpack is too heavy.”
2. Sınıf arkadaşı
Sınıf arkadaşım sözlüğümü ödünç aldı ve henüz geri vermedi.
"My classmate borrowed my dictionary and hasn't returned it yet.”
3. Ev ödevi
Ev ödevimi yarına yetiştirmeliyim.
“I need to finish my homework by tomorrow.”
4. Sınav
Sınav bir buçuk saat olacak.
“The exam will be one and a half hours long.”
5. Ders çalışmak
“to study”
Arkadaşlarla buluşup ders çalışacağız.
“We're going to meet friends to study.”
Yeah, sure you are.
6. Bugün okulun ilk günü.
“Today is the first day of class.”
Well, in Turkey usually we don’t do much in the first day of class. So
Okulun ilk günü fazla ders işlemeyiz.
7. Aynı sınıftayız!
“We're in the same class!”
Or if you are not in the same class,
Farkli siniflardayiz.
Yeah. Me and my best friend, we are friends since high school but we were never in the same class.
8. Hangi dersleri alıyorsun?
“What classes are you taking?”
So in high school, I took math and Turkish literature. Students are kind of divided into different sections like based on your interest. So from second year of my high school, I didn’t have any physics, biology and chemistry. Awesome, right?
9. Hangi bölümde okuyorsun?
“What is your major?”
So my major was Business Administration and we say İşletme in Turkish. So what is your major?
10. Ödevini bitirdin mi?
“Did you finish your homework?”
I always did my homework at the last minute because it gives me lots of inspiration. How about you?
Okay. That’s the end. Thank you guys for watching the video and I hope to see you guys in the next video. And tell me your ideas about the first day of school, your major and everything. I would love to hear. Okay. Thank you. Bye bye.