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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Top Words. Today, we are going to be talking about the 20 Words You’ll Need for the Beach. Let’s start!
1. Our first word is
güneş gözlüğü, meaning "sunglasses"
Güneş gözlüğümü plajda unuttum. "I forgot my sunglasses at the beach."
No, I never do.
2. Our second word is
plaj, meaning "beach"
Hafta sonları plaj kalabalık olur. "The beach is crowded on the weekends."
Isn’t it? I usually prefer, in fact, going to beaches that aren't really known by everyone because the sea is cleaner and there is no crowd that can bother you. That’s how I do it. What do you do? Do you like going to crowded beaches? I don’t think so.
3. Our third word is
yüzme, meaning "swimming"
Yüzme yarışmasında ikinci oldum. "I won the second place in the swimming contest."
In fact, I have a confession to make okay? Until last year, and I’m telling you I’m 24 years old, I didn’t know how to swim. I always pretend that I was swimming. I always kept my foot touching to the ground and jump in. And when we go out like the depth was 3-4m, of course, I wasn’t reaching, I was like “Oh my god. Tutai can you help me go back to shore? Can you help me back?” They don’t understand. No one really did. Then last year, I did my confession to my friend, “I don’t know how to swim.” They were all shocked. “How? No, you’re swimming, no! You know how to swim.” “No, I don’t know.” But then I learned - then I learned how to swim. It is ironic, right? 20 Words You Need for the Beach, swimming and I don’t know how to swim. I didn’t back then. I know now.
4. Our fourth word is
şapka, meaning "hat"
Güneş altında şapkasız dolaşma. "Don't walk around under the sun without a hat."
Otherwise, you are going to become a lobster. It is in fact, In Turkish, we say the same thing Istakoz gibi yandin! “You became a lobster!” after all the tan.
5. Our fifth word is
palmiye, meaning "palm tree"
Yol boyunca palmiye ağaçları sıralanıyordu. "There were palm trees along the road."
Who like palm trees? I do like them.
6. Our sixth word is
deniz kabuğu, meaning "seashell"
Çocuklar plajda deniz kabuğu topluyor. "Children are collecting seashells on the beach."
You always thought that the sound coming from the seashells was the waves right? It was the sound of the waves. No, no, it is not.
7. Our seventh word is
mayo, meaning "swimsuit"
Mayomu kuruması için astım. "I hanged my swimsuit to dry."
8. Our eighth word is
okyanus, meaning "ocean"
Okyanusta hic yüzmedim. "I have never swum in an ocean."
I did. You’re jealous?
9. Our ninth word is
cankurtaran, meaning "lifeguard"
Plajdaki cankurtaran çok yakışıklı. "The lifeguard at the beach is very handsome."
10. Our tenth word is
jet ski, meaning "jet ski"
Bu plajda jet ski kiralanabiliyor. "It is possible to rent jet ski at this beach."
Have you ever rented one of those, hmm? They’re really fun right, hmm? You know that I didn’t know how to swim until last year. You know I did wind surfing, snorkeling, road, jet ski, but I didn’t know how to swim in any of this and no one really understood.
11. Our eleventh word is
plaj havlusu, meaning "beach towel"
Plaj havlumu belime bağlayıp dondurma almaya gittim. "I wrapped my beach towel around my waist and went to get ice cream."
12. Our twelfth word is
şezlong, meaning "beach chair"
Şezlongda uyuyakalmışım. "I fell asleep on the beach chair."
Don’t sleep, no! “You’re going to become a lobster.”
Istakoz gibi yanacaksin!
13. Our thirteenth word is
kumdan kale, meaning "sand castle"
Dalgalar kumdan kalemizi yıktı. "Waves caused our sand castle to collapse."
Okay, the waves - I mean no, the sand castle, is the reason why I couldn’t learn how to swim when I was a child. Because with my sister, we always build sand castles, just, you know, on the shore, and that’s why I couldn’t learn how to swim because I was all occupied with making sand castles. Can you believe it?
14. Our fourteenth word is
deniz, meaning"sea"
Deniz bugün çok dalgalı. "The sea is very wavy today."
It is better to have the sea wavy, right? Because it is funnier to swim that way - swim, I mean.
15. Our fifteenth word is
gelgit, meaning "tide"
Gelgit yüzünden zaman zaman bu köprü sular altında kalıyor. "Sometimes the bridge disappears under water because of the tide."
I really don’t know how to relate my swimming story with this tide thing, no.
16. Our sixteenth word is
bronzluk, meaning "tan"
Sağlıklı bir bronzluk için güneş kremi kullanmayı unutmayın. "To get a healthy tan, don't forget to apply sunscreen."
Don’t do it. I told you about the lobster, istakoz.
17. Our seventeenth word is
şnorkelle dalmak, meaning "snorkeling"
Rengarenk balıkları görmek için şnorkelle daldım. "I went snorkeling to see the colorful fish."
18. Our eighteenth word is
tokyo terlik, meaning "flip-flops"
Tokyo terlikle yürümekte zorlanıyorum. "I'm having difficulty in walking with flip-flops."
19. Our nineteenth word is
güneş kremi, meaning "sunscreen"
Yazın güneş kremi sürmeden dışarı çıkmamalısın. "During the summer, don't go outside without applying sunscreen."
Okay, do we have the deal here? Remember the lobsters.
20. Our twentieth word is
bikini, meaning "bikini"
Köşedeki mağazada bikiniler indirimde. "There is a discount on bikinis at the shop in the corner."
Thank you guys so much for watching. Today, we talked about 20 Words You’ll Need for the Beach. Don’t forget to check out TurkishClass101.com to learn more Turkish and please give this video a thumbs up if you like it. Thank you so much. Görüşürüz! Bye bye!