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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. I am Selin from turkishclass101.com and I am here with another Turkish lesson.
Today, we are going to be talking about Top 10 Phrases Your Parents Always Say.
Um, what they say? Let’s learn.
1. Dikkatli ol.
“Be careful.”
Yes, they always say right especially when you are a child I think or baby because you want to touch everywhere.
You want to go everywhere. So there is a dikkatli ol like that. Usually mothers say.
2. Sessiz ol.
“Be quiet.”
That’s for example, you and your family, your parents when like go somewhere that you have to be actually quiet, like cinema, like theatre right?
And then you want to be noisy because you are so excited.
That time, they can use this word, sessiz ol, they say like this, sshh sessiz ol.
3. Uslu dur.
I am sure every Turkish hears this from their parents.
Uslu dur.
Usually when you are a child, you want to know everything.
You want to go everywhere. You want to explore right?
So sometimes you can make your parents go crazy and that time, they are kind of tricking you like,
“if you behave well, then I am going to buy you this.”
So in Turkish, usually parents are using this trick for their children.
They say this like this kind of sentences like,
Eğer uslu durursan sana şeker alacağım.
It means, “if you behave well, then I am going to buy you candy.”
So it’s Eğer uslu durursan, uslu durmak if you behave well or “if you behave, then I am going to buy you candy.”
Sana şeker alacağım.
4. Ödevini yap!
“Do your homework!”
I think I never heard from my parents. I was very smart kid. No.
Ödevini yap, it’s also yes, a very common, very, very common saying in Turkey.
Probably everywhere around the world, you know like everyone, every parent probably they are saying to their kid,
“just do your homework and then you can go and play.”
5. Üçe kadar sayacağım.
“I'm going to count to three.”
If you are lying to your parents and let’s say you break something valuable and you are hiding, that time, your parents say,
Üçe kadar sayacağım gerçeği söyle
It’s like, “I am going to count to three, say the truth.” You broke it.
6. Dur.
Well, those parents might be really in trouble I think.
This is what I understand from this list. It’s yeah, well, not just parents actually. Everyone is using Dur probably.
Dur! Dur! Dur! Dur!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
7. Ne dedin?
“What did you say?”
Well, it might be in an angry situation or sometimes maybe your parents just don’t hear you because you are speaking very quiet because you did something bad.
That time, yes, it can be used. They can say,
Ne dedin?
“What did you say?”
8. Şaka yapmıyorum.
“I'm not kidding.”
So again, if you did something bad and if your parents, they will punish you in return, they might say, like,
“I am going to take your cell phone for one week or no television for one week and then they can say - Şaka yapmıyorum. “I'm not kidding.”
Like, no television. Maybe they can say like this in Turkish.
Bir hafta televizyon yok.
It’s like “One week, no television. I am not kidding.”
Şaka yapmıyorum bir hafta televizyon yok.
9. Ben sana ne dedim?
“What did I just say?”
I think no matter how old you are, when you do some mistake in life and if your parents already warned you, then, you will hear this sentence.
Ben sana ne dedim?
Like “I told you not to go there”
Ben sana ne dedim?
Whether you are a kid or a grown up, I am sure you will hear it.
10. Dişlerini fırçaladın mı?
“Did you brush your teeth?”
It’s very important to give the habit to brushing the teeth every day for the kids.
It’s really important. So this is yes, a very common phrase for parents to use.
Dişlerini fırçaladın mı? Or
Hemem dişlerini fırçala.
Hemem dişlerini fırçala means,
“Brush your teeth now.”
And it’s over. You just know the 10 top phrases/sentences parents are using in Turkey.
But actually I don’t know about you but it sounds like a bit angry or, like, nervous situations like.
So I want to add my own sentences I will teach you.
Parents are also saying,
“I love you” right?”
Seni seviyorum
or they say,
“You are my everything.”
”Sen benim herseyimsin.”
And they also say all the time.
“I am by your side.”
Ben senin yanindayim.
So our parents are really important. I hope you guys know that.
I hope you guys love each other so much. See you next time.