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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! I'm Selin from TurkishClass101.com
And I'm back with another Turkish lesson. Today, we're gonna talk about Top 10 Must-Know Vocabulary for the Restaurant.
1. garson "waiter, waitress"
Bu restoranın garsonları çok nazik. "The waiters in this restaurant are very kind."
So in Turkey, we don't have two different words for "waiter" and "waitress", we just say garson, so the name of the job. If you want to call a boy or a girl, I mean the waiter or waitress, you can just say - garson.
And in Turkish, we call like this, usually - Pardon, bakar mısınız?
Garson bey, bakar mısınız?
It's like "Hello, excuse me" "Can you look at me?" Like that.
2. yemek "to eat"
Kırmızı et yemiyorum. "I don't eat red meat."
So it's a very basic word, but it's important to know if you're going to a Turkish restaurant, what if you have an allergy, right? Or what if you're a vegetarian? Then you'd need to knon the "to eat" word so you can say "you don't eat" or you have an allergy.
Kırmızı et yemiyorum.
Or, let's say, you don't eat egg; egg is yumurta.
Yumurta yemiyorum.
If you want to say "I'm vegetarian" in Turkish, you can say it like this - Ben vejetaryenim.
Kırmızı et yemiyorum. "I don't eat red meat."
3. sipariş vermek "to order"
Pasta spariş ettim. "I ordered a cake."
It's very funny, actually, because I know in English, pasta means, like, macaroni, right? But in Turkish, it means "cake". So it was always very confusing for me when I was learning English.
Various use of describing cake or some kind of sweet, like birthday cake, we'd say pasta.
And spariş ettim means "order", you can use it with other food, too. Usually, people are ordering pizza to their home, right? You can say - Pizza spariş ettim.
Or if you want to ask your friend, "should we order pizza?" Then you can say - Pizza spariş edelim mi?
4. su "water"
Bir bardak soğuk su alabilir miyim? "Can I have a glass of cold water?"
Usually, in Turkish restaurants, the water is not free, so you have to pay money for it. And please be careful if you're ordering water because you may thought... or maybe in your country, it's free, but it's not free in Turkey.
But in Turkey, in most restaurants, not all of them, in most restaurants, the Turkish tea is free, the black tea is free. And it usually comes after your meal.
They'd just bring you, or they ask you, should they bring black tea, should we bring Turkish tea for you?
And it's usually free. But I'm not saying for all of them, but most of them.
5. tatlı "dessert"
Bu tatlının yanında bir fincan kahve iyi gider. "A cup of coffee would be great with this dessert."
Usually, in Turkey, you know, people like to drink Turkish coffee. And with Turkish coffee, we usually eat with a Turkish Delight, or recently, we started to eat chocolate. Like, Turkish brand chocolate, or any other brands. So in Turkish, we say it like this.
Türk kahvesinin yaında lokum iyi gider.
I said, "Turkish delight goes well with Turkish coffee."
6. şef "chef"
Bu restoranın şefi çok yetenekli. "This restaurant's chef is very talented."
Ok, you've finished your meal in a Turkish restaurant, and you really liked it, now you want to say good words, you want to give good feedback to the restaurant, then you can use this sentence, right? It's a good sentence to know, I think.
Bu restoranın şefi çok yetenekli.
Yemekler çok lezetliydi. "The food was very delicious."
7. fast food "fast food"
Çocuklarımın fast food yemesine izin vermem. "I don't let my children eat fast food."
We're using the English word as it is, fast food. But our pronunciation is not like English, of course, it's a bit different, it's like - fast food.
But we have, actually, another Turkish word, it is abur cubur, it's more like "snacks", I think.
Abur cubur, or hazır yiyecekler, which means "instant food".
Hazır yiyecekler
We're using these two for describing fast food, sometimes; abur cubur, hazır yiyecekler, or fast food, as it is, it's also ok.
8. restoran "restaurant"
Bu sokaktaki ev yemekleri restoranına sık sık giderim. "I go to the homestyle-food restaurant on this street very often."
In Turkish, we have this type of restaurant because most people, especially people who live alone, they're missing their mother's food so much, right? So that is why there are so many homestyle-food restaurant all over Turkey. They're cooking foods that remind you of your mother's food, very home-cook Turkish meal, not like kebab. Not like Turkish pizza, very, like, Turkish food.
9. hesap "check"
Hesap, lütfen. "Check, please."
Do you know how to describe the waiter that you want the check without saying any words?
So we're using our body language, in this case, to tell the waiter that we want to pay the check. And it's like this... now, I'm gonna show you.
Hesap, lütfen.
Like this.
10. lezzetli "delicious"
Çok lezzetli, görünüyor. "It looks very delicious."
Now your meal is here, it's still hot, and it looks really awesome, then that time you will say - Çok lezzetli, görünüyor. I want to eat it.
And that's it for today! I think it was a very delicious lesson. So tell me, what kind of food would you like to eat if you go to a Turkish restaurant? I would like to hear in your comment. Hope to see you guys in the next video. Bye-bye!