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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody, I am Selin and welcome back to another Turkish class.
Today, we will be talking about Must-Know Family Words in Turkish. Okay, let’s start.
1. Aile
Aile toplumun temelidir.
“Family is the basis of society.”
If you want to talk about your family, then say,
Benim ailem dört kişiliktir, which means “there are four people in my family.”
2. Baba
Babam hep televizyonun önünde uyuya kaliyor.
“My father always falls asleep in front of the TV.”
So in Turkey like usually like small like little girls, they tend to say to their father like daddy like in a cute way.
So baba becomes like Babiš, Babiško, it’s like daddy like this kind of word.
3. Koca
Kocam beni aldatiyor. “My husband cheats on me.”
Oh, it’s not a very nice example, actually... but you don’t need to use koca actually all the time.
You can use eş. Eş means my husband or my wife. It can be used for both; benim eşim, “my wife” or “my husband”. But koca is only for guys so only women can use it. My husband, kocam.
Kocam, eşim.
4. Ogul
Iki oglum var.
“I have two sons.”
Let’s say you have two sons. If you want to say, my elder son’s name is blah blah, elder son is like büyük oğlum, my elder son, büyük oğlum.
If you want to say my younger son, you say küçük oğlum.
Büyük oğlum, küçük oğlum.
5. Amca
Amcam bize çikolata getirmis.
“Uncle has brought chocolate for us.”
So you know in English, for your mother’s brother and for your father’s brother, you use only one word uncle, right?
But in Turkish, we don’t use the same word for both. We have different words.
Amca is for your father’s brother but for your mother’s brother, you say dayi. Dayi/Amca but you don’t have this in English.
So I think this is only for Turkish. Dayi/Amca.
6. Dede
Dedemin gözleri iyi görmüyor.
“My grandfather's eyesight is not good.”
We have two words for grandfather.
One is dede and the other one is büyükbaba, and büyükbaba literally means “grandfather.”
If you ask me the difference, I think dede is more, like, casual.
Büyükbaba is a bit more polite but it’s actually really hard to say the difference.
Maybe most Turkish people prefer dede I think. Dede is more like I don’t know. It sounds more like Turkish culture.
7. Kayinpeder
Sizi kayinpederimle tanistirayim: Mehmet Bey.
“Let me introduce you to my father-in-law, Mehmet Bey.”
So in Turkey, to your father-in-law, you don’t need to be polite, I think.
Of course, you need to be polite but you say father to your father-in-law too. So you don’t say Mr. Mehmet. Bey means Mr. You say baba like baba Mehmet, like same. But of course, when you are introducing your father-in-law to someone else, you say Mr. Mehmet but when you call your father-in-law, you just say father, in Turkish, baba.
8. Anne
Annem henüz isten dönmedi.
“My mother hasn't returned back from work yet.”
Anne is such a nice word, right? My best, best word maybe.
So anne just like baba when yours like the little daughter or son would like to say it in a cute way,
they change it and they make it annis, annisko, annecim, which all means like mommy, mama like this.
And also, there is one more way to say mother in Turkish and it is ana.
Well, usually, not in the big cities but in the villages, like towns, I think people are still using ana but like cities like Istanbol or Ankara, probably not most people are using ana anymore. It’s more like in rural areas now.
9. Kiz
Hep bir kizim olsun istedim.
“I always wanted to have a daughter.”
Okay. So now we know how to say son and daughter, right?
Son is Ogul and daughter is Kiz.
There is also another way to say which is not very common in daily language but you say like this.
For son, erkek evlat. For daughter, kiz evlat which means like the same meaning, son, daughter and Kiz also, it means girl actually, right.
So girl is also Kiz, daughter is also Kiz. Like we use the same word.
10. Kari
Karim beni terk etti.
“My wife has left me.”
Probably if you cheat on your wife, then of course she will leave you like that.
So if you use kari, the noun just like that, I think it will sound rude because we use it as an insult in Turkey sometimes, depends on the conversation.
So please be careful about that. If you think it’s too rude to say kari, then do you remember?
I just taught you another word, eş; you can just go with eş, eşim, it will be safer, I think.
So karim, “my wife”; eşim “my wife”, same. We can just choose whatever we want.
So thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson. Hope to see you guys in the next video. Take care and learn Turkish more. Bye bye!
Let me introduce you to my father-in-law, Mr. Mehmet. Mehmet Bey, ah, okay. Not Mr. Mehmet, okay. Let me….
Well, if you cheat on her, of course she will leave you.