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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody, I am Selin from turkishclass101.com and I am here again with another Turkish video. Today’s topic is,
Top 10 Travel Phrases You Should Know. So let’s start.
1. Bir harita alabilir miyim?
“Could I get a map?”
The first sentence is,
Bir harita alabilir miyim?
“Could I get a map?”
But what kind of map, right? You need to say that like Turkey map or what.
So you can say,
Bir Türkiye haritasi alabilir miyim?
Or let’s say you are visiting Antalya, my home. You can say,
Bir Antalya haritasi alabilir miyim?
Let’s say, you don’t even have to use Bir. So the sentence will be like,
Antalya haritasi alabilir miyim?
“Can I get a Antalya map?”
2. İngilizce biliyor musunuz?
“Do you speak English?”
I don’t want to disappoint you but probably the answer will be no.
Many Turkish people, they learn English at school and they are very friendly with foreign people.
They want to help. They want to talk. But I am not sure if we can speak really good English. So you can also ask them,
Ingilizce konusabiliyor musunuz? Which means,
“Can you speak English?”
Or just say, Ingilizce. Then they will understand and they will say probably yes or no. Evet/Hayir.
3. Havalimanından şehre otobüs var mı?
“Is there a bus from the airport to the city?”
So probably, they will start to explain and they will say you, yeah, we have a bus, Evet, otobüs var.
You need to cross the street or you need to go right. Şuraya git karşıya geç.
And then please take the bus over there, T15, they will say. Evet şu otobüse T15. Probably you will hear these kind of numbers.
4. Wi-Fi ücretsiz mi?
“Is the Wi-Fi free?”
The correct pronunciation of Wi-Fi in Turkish is actually just like English, Wi-Fi.
So if somebody says We-Fe, We-Fi or something else to you, it’s actually wrong.
Wi-Fi ücretsiz mi?
Um, usually yes. We have free Wi-Fi in cafes. In the airport actually, if you just go to any café or restaurant, usually the Wi-Fi is free.
5. Bu gece için boş odanız var mı?
“Do you have any vacancies tonight?”
Okay. So now, you leave the airport, I guess. You went to a hotel probably and then yes, you are asking in the reception desk,
“Do you have any vacancies tonight?”
So you say,
Bu gece için boş odanız var mı?
Or you can just say boş odanız var mı if you think this sentence is kind of long.
Then probably they will understand. Boş odanız var mı?
They will understand that you want to stay there. If you want to stay in like specific time period like from this day to this day, then of course, you need to explain it.
If you just say boş odanız var mı? They will probably think only for tonight, just for one night.
If you want to say like from this day to this day, before boş odanız, say the time.
So like 15 Mayıs'tan 20 Mayıs'a boş odanız var mı?
“From May 15 to May 20, do you have any vacancies?”
6. Başka bir odaya geçebilir miyim?
“Could I move to a different room?”
Başka bir odaya geçebilir miyim?
So probably your neighbors are kind of noisy and that’s why you want to change your room right? You can say,
Başka bir odaya geçmek istiyorum. Which means,
“I want to move to another room.”
7. Rezervasyonum var.
“I have a reservation.”
Rezervasyonum var.
“I have a reservation.”
You can just go to the front desk;
I have reservation here.
Rezervasyonum var.
So probably first, they will ask you, “do you have a reservation” right?
So the question will be rezervasyonunuz var mi?
They will be using rezervasyonunuz because they will be probably speaking the polite way and then in return, you can respond,
“Yes, I have.”
Evet, rezervasyonum var
But if you don’t have,
“I don’t have reservation.”
Rezervasyonum yok.
Please don’t forget to say rezervasyonum.
If you just say rezervasyon just a word, then I think it will not sound natural. Most foreign people they do this mistake.
They are forgetting the u and m at the end, rezervasyon they say but it will not be natural.
So rezervasyonum var or rezervasyonum yok.
8. Menü alabilir miyiz lütfen?
“Could we have the menu, please?”
As you saw, I just did that. So usually when we talk with the waiter or waitress in Turkey, you say like, hey,
“Hey, can we get a menu?” I think this is how we usually do.
Menü alabilir miyiz lütfen?
But if you think this is too long, then just say Menü lütfen.
Menü lütfen which means “menu please.”
Then, they will just bring the menu to you.
9. Öneriniz var mı?
“Do you have any recommendations?”
Let’s say you went to a tourist office like a company’s office and you want to join the tour.
Then, when you are talking with the staff, you can ask,
Um, öneriniz var mı?
Or you can say,
Benim için öneriniz var mı?
“do you have any recommendations for me?”
Benim için öneriniz var mı?
And then they can just give you like all options they have.
10. Hesabı alabilir miyim?
“Could I have the check?”
Usually again in Turkey, we say Hesap lütfen just like menu.
Hesap lütfen.
Garson hesap lütfen which means, you are calling the waiter or waitress.
“Check please.” “Check please.”
Hesap lütfen.
This sentence is okay but it’s a polite way to say.
So usually all people in Turkey when they speak like casually when it’s like, how should I say?
When they went to a café with their friends, they just say Hesap lütfen and it will be the same meaning with the sentence.
We finished our lesson. That was it for today.
I hope you enjoyed it and now I hope you have some ideas about the words that you can use in Turkey while you are traveling.
And I hope to see you guys in the next video. Bye bye!