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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody. I am Selin from turkishclass101.com
Today, we are going to talk about 10 Compliments You Always Want to Hear.
Okay. Let’s start with,
1. Çok yakışıklısın.
“You're very handsome.”
Çok yakışıklısın.
It means “You're very handsome.”
So this one is used for men actually, not for girls. We don’t say yakışıklısın for girls. We use another one but we will come to that later.
2. Çok akıllısın!
“You're very smart!”
Çok akıllısın!
It means “You're very smart!”
So I think you understand that Çok means “very”. So you can use it with everything basically.
Çok akıllısın!
“You're very smart!”
Çok yakışıklısın
“You are very handsome.”
So Çok with something, it means “very.”
3. Sen müthiş bir arkadaşsın.
“You are an awesome friend.”
Sen müthiş bir arkadaşsın.
It means, “You are an awesome friend.”
Of course, everyone wants to hear, right. I mean from your best friends, from the people around you. It’s nice to be a good friend I think.
4. Etkileyici bir özgeçmişiniz var.
“Your resume is impressive.”
I would love to hear personally like when somebody in the interview or someone from a company that you apply like tells you that oh, you have a really nice resume, your resume is impressive, then, you will be relieved, right? So I think this is a really nice compliment.
5. İyi iş çıkardın!
“Great job!”
I think usually like teachers; they use for their students like “great job.”
İyi iş çıkardın! Like this.
So you become heavy, right? Oh I did a good job. Maybe I will get good grades, like that.
6. Bu ceket sana yakışıyor.
“That jacket looks nice on you.”
Bu ceket sana yakışıyor.
“That jacket looks good on you.”
So I said Bu ceket sana yakışıyor, right? So you can just drop ceket. You can put something else like pullover, sweater. So, like, kazak, etek ; etek means “skirt” and then we can use the same sentence.
It's the same, you can just change the thing that you’re complimenting.
7. İyi bir tarzın var.
“You have good taste.”
İyi bir tarzın var.
“You have a good taste.”
Usually when I first hear it, iyi bir tarzın var, I think about like the fashion like oh, you have a really good style like this or not just fashion of course. Like the job you are doing like you are maybe – you’re writing poems maybe or maybe you are creating something.
I mean, you are a painter. Then, they can compliment on you like this too like iyi bir tarzın var.
“You have a good taste.” “You have a good style.”
8. Gülümsemen çok güzel.
“Your smile is very beautiful.”
So çok güzel, it’s a very common Turkish phrase actually, not just for a smile. We can use for everything, everything, like hair, face.
“Your face is very beautiful.” Yüzün çok güzel.
We can use for everything.
9. Harika görünüyorsun.
“You look gorgeous.”
So usually women, they cannot decide what to wear, right? And they are kind of worried, oh, do I look good? Do I look okay? And they ask their friends or their husbands or whatever, the family.
We say, nasıl olmuşum. It means like, “how do I look? Is it okay?”
Like, nasıl olmuşum.
And that time, usually you hear this compliment.
Harika görünüyorsun.
“You look gorgeous.”
10. Çok güzelsin.
“You are very beautiful.”
So this time, this is for the girls, women.
You are very handsome.
Çok yakışıklısın for men.
Çok güzelsin for women.
But as I told you, Çok güzel, that phrase, it’s very, very common in Turkey for face, smile everything and for girls, we use it.
And that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed today’s topic.
Can you tell me what kind of compliments you would like to hear?
Well, personally me, I would like to hear, oh, you got thin. So it goes like...
zayıfladın, which means, “you got thin.” This is my favorite compliment.
See you guys in the next video. Bye-bye.