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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. I am back. I am Selin from turkishclass101.com
Today, we are going to talk about 10 Reasons to Learn a Language.
Okay, let’s start our lesson.
1. Farklı kitaplar okuyabilmek.
“to be able to read different books.”
Bir an önce Türkçemi geliştirip farklı kitaplar okuyabilmek istiyorum.
“I want to advance my Turkish quickly so I can read different books.”
I think if you can read a book in a foreign language, then it’s definitely a level because in a book, sometimes there is a story. Sometimes there is something like how should I say?
It’s like words are more poetic or something. It’s not like a daily conversation.
So if you can understand a Turkish book, if you can read it, then I think it’s a really great thing.
2. Türk arkadaşlarla sohbet edebilmek.
“to be able to chat with Turkish friends.”
Okay. The next one is,
Türk arkadaşlarla sohbet edebilmek.
“to be able to chat with Turkish friends.”
Başlarda pek bir şey anlamıyordum ama bir süre sonra okuldaki Türk arkadaşlarımla sohbet edebilir hale geldim.
“I didn't understand much at the beginning, but after a while, I became able to chat with my Turkish friends in school.”
The more you chat, I think the more fluent you will become in Turkish because Turkish people can help you learn daily conversational Turkish.
Of course, you can learn in books like the grammar and everything but when you speak with a person, then you will know how native speakers are using the words.
3. Filmleri altyazısız izleyebilmek
“to be able to watch movies without subtitles.”
Henüz Türkçe filmleri altyazısız izleyemediğim için Türkiye'de sinemaya gitmem çok zor.
“I can't watch Turkish movies without subtitles yet, so it's very difficult for me to go to a movie theater in Turkey.”
So I understand if you are a beginner or intermediate level in Turkish, yes, you may not understand Turkish movies.
They speak fast first of all but there is actually one good way to learn Turkish.
So you can just rent a DVD or you can buy and then when you watch at home, I am not sure how you will find it but try to watch a Turkish movie with Turkish subtitles.
So you can read what people are saying and it’s going to help you to improve your Turkish and then next, you will be able to watch the movie without subtitles.
4. Türkiye'de yaşayabilmek
“to be able to live in Turkey.”
Artık biraz Türkçe öğrendiğim için Türkiye'de yaşayabilirim.
“Since I've learned a little bit of Turkish, now I can live in Turkey.”
So if you cannot speak Turkish in Turkey, then I think it’s going to be hard for you.
Of course, there are people who can speak English and other languages.
For example, in the south part of Turkey where I came from, people can speak German, Russian because we have so many German and Russian tourists.
But it doesn’t mean that everyone can speak their languages in other parts of Turkey.
So it’s going to be hard. At least try to learn conversational level Turkish. Turkish people are very helpful actually.
Even though you cannot speak perfectly, they will understand.
They will try to communicate just the basic level, the conversational level, and Turkish people also help you. And then I am sure after a while, you will improve.
5. Dizilerin yeni bölümlerini hemen izlemek
“to watch the new episodes of TV series immediately.”
Artık çevirileri beklememe gerek yok, dizilerin yeni bölümlerini hemen izleyebiliyorum.
“I don't have to wait for the translations; I can watch the new episodes of TV series immediately.”
If you have a favorite TV series and the TV series is in a language that you cannot speak. Then it’s really painful to wait for the transitions, right.
Oh, when it will come out? when it will come out? But if you learn the language, then no. You don’t have to wait for the transitions anymore. You can watch it immediately.
6. Şarkı sözlerini anlayabilmek
“to be able to understand song lyrics.”
Şarkı sözlerini anlayabilmek isterdim.
“I want to be able to understand song lyrics.”
So a song is not just about the music. It’s also about the lyrics, right like maybe like a Turkish song.
You like the rhythm and the music but you also want to know what this person says. So if you can understand the lyrics, then believe me, the song will become more meaningful for you because Turkish people, they also care so much about the song lyrics.
Usually, it’s about love like heroism, the country and it’s very like powerful like very emotional.
So I am sure if you can understand the song lyrics, you will enjoy the Turkish songs more.
7. Yeni arkadaşlar edinmek
“to make new friends.”
Yabancı dil öğrenince yeni arkadaşlar edinebilirsin.
“You can make new friends when you learn a foreign language.”
When you start to learn your language, then you will be in a class with all other different people who have the same interest as you.
So, that’s why you can have new friends like people who have the same interest in you, who wants to learn Turkish for example.
So you have something to talk about. And of course, you can have new Turkish friends too.
You can talk to them; you can make new friends in Turkey. So I think that’s a really good opportunity.
8. Türk akrabalarla telefonda konuşabilmek
“to be able to speak with Turkish relatives on the phone.”
Kardeşim Türkçe bildiği için Türk akrabalarımızla telefonda konuşabiliyor ama ben konuşamıyorum.
“My sister can speak with our Turkish relatives on the phone because she knows Turkish, but I can't.”
Maybe you are half Turkish, right. Maybe you have Turkish roots.
Maybe you have Turkish relatives but you are in another country. You are born in another country.
So you want to talk to your relatives or you want to learn more about your roots, right?
That time, you need to learn Turkish and it’s going to help you to talk to your relatives in Turkey.
You can communicate with them and you can learn more about yourself too.
9. Türk şirketlerle iş yapmak
“to do business with Turkish companies.”
Türk şirketlerle iş yapabilmek için Türkçe bilen eleman arıyoruz.
“We are searching for staff who can speak Turkish in order to do business with Turkish companies.”
I think this is one of the top reasons to learn a foreign language. It can give you more job opportunities. Or not just as an employee.
Maybe you can be an entrepreneur. You can start your own business, right and you would like to have some business partners from other countries.
Then, if you can speak their language, then it will make your communication, it will make your relationship stronger. So it’s going to have a good return on you.
10. Türkiye'de yüksek lisans yapmak
“to go to a graduate school in Turkey.”
Türkiye'de yüksek lisans yapmak istiyorsan Türkçe dil yeterlilik sınavını geçmelisin.
“If you want to go to a graduate school in Turkey, you must pass the Turkish language proficiency test.”
In Turkey, we have graduate schools. They educate in English only, yes.
However, it’s not very common. So if you want to do your master’s degree in Turkey, then, I think you need to speak Turkish even though your degree is not in Turkish.
Then, you will live in Turkey right to go to graduate school. So you have to know some basic Turkish.
That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope it’s not very boring for you.
But I would just like to talk about the reasons why we should learn a foreign language because it’s really important. Before you start to learn your language, you need to have some reasons, good reasons to do it. So it’s going to give you the power to study more.
Okay. That’s all for today. I hope to see you guys in the next video. I will be waiting for you in the next video. Bye-bye. Take care.