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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody. I am Selin from Turkishclass101.com
Today we have a very delicious topic. It is 10 Turkish Foods.
I am already getting hungry.
1. Hamur işleri
Okay. The first one and maybe the most popular one is Hamur işleri.
So it is “pastries” in English.
Doktorlar Türkiye'de çok fazla hamur işi tüketilmesinden endişeli. It’s so fun.
“Doctors worry about the amount of pastries consumed in Turkey.”
Yeah. Sorry about this. Yeah. And they should be, I think because I read it in the World Health Organization website. The first reason, number one reason of the cause of that in Turkey is Diabetes which is basically caused by eating pastries a lot. But I am so sorry. I also like it very much and I am sure all the Turkish people like it.
It’s not healthy for sure but we just eat it. We like to eat it.
2. Sütlü tatlılar
Milk pudding.
Sütlü tatlılar içinde en sevdiğim kazandibidir.
“Kazandibi is my favorite among milk puddings.”
So Turkish people think milk puddings are more innocent compared to other desserts.
So especially mothers, they say, no, I can eat more milk pudding. It’s fine.
It’s not that much high calorie like that and they eat many. So they get fat again.
In Turkey, we have so many famous milk puddings actually.
One of them is sütlaç. They put rice and milk inside and it’s sweet. It’s not salt at all.
And the other one is, I am sure you will find this very interesting too.
It is called Tavuk göğsü and it is made of chicken and it’s a dessert and its very delicious like chicken and milk like this.
Not salt at all. It’s very sweet and it's a very popular dessert in Turkey but my favorite is as I said, Kazandibi.
3. Şerbetli tatlılar.
“Syrup-based desserts.”
The next one. Şerbetli tatlılar.
“Syrup-based desserts.”
Baklava şerbetli tatlıların sultanıdır.
“Baklava is the sultan of syrup-based desserts.”
Actually, I think many people know Baklava nowadays because when I talk with my foreigner friends, usually they know Baklava or I think they heard on some TV shows or TV drama.
So they say, oh, I want to try Baklava, Baklava like that.
It is very sweet actually. And I am sure it has a very high calorie.
So that is why because it’s a very high-calorie dessert, I think it’s better if you just eat like one slice or two slices or if you eat more, I am sure it’s going to be like very bad for your health.
4. Zeytinyağlılar.
“Olive oil-based dishes.”
Türkiye'nin Batısında zeytinyağlılar daha çok sevilir.
“Olive-oil-based dishes are more popular in Western Turkey.”
Olive-oil-based dishes are yes, more popular in Western Turkey. It is because there are so many olive trees on the Western side of Turkey.
Actually from I think not Istanbul but after Istanbul until Antalya, the soft part, there are many, many olive trees.
So that is why people are using olives in their dishes and its very delicious.
Very delicious and olive oil is healthy not only for your body but also for your skin too.
So they just don’t have the dishes. They also have, like, skin products based on olive oil.
5. Yaprak sarması
“Rice-stuffed vine leaves”
The next one is my favorite.
Yaprak sarması
“Rice-stuffed vine leaves”
Ayşe Hanım'ın gelini yaprak sarmasını parmak kadar ince sarıyormuş.
“The bride of Ayşe Hanım can roll the rice-stuffed vine leaves as thin as fingers.”
There is a standard in Turkey when it comes to rice-stuffed vine leaves. So it must be this – this finger. So everyone knows it. They just check if it’s like as thin as this finger, they know it’s a good one.
So like usually like Ayşe Hanım like grandmas like mothers, they check on their bride. If it’s as thin as this finger, then it means then, yeah, okay, yeah, you are a talented girl.
6. Mercimek çorbası
“Lentil soup.”
Birer tas mercimek çorbası içelim de içimiz ısınsın.
“Let's drink some lentil soup to warm ourselves.”
So I think you heard one word when I said a Turkish sentence, tas. Usually, it is made of like ceramic like this and they used to put soup into tas before but now of course, I don’t think many people are using. But it’s just old version of bowl. You can accept like that.
7. Pilav
Türk usulü pilav biraz yağlı ve tuzlu olur.
“Turkish-style rice is a bit oily and salty.”
Or you can just drop “a bit” part and you can just say the sentence like that too. It’s not a bit but it’s very delicious.
8. Meze.
“Side dish.”
Rakının yanında çeşit çeşit meze olmazsa olmaz.
“Lots of different side dishes are a must when drinking rakı.”
Have you ever tried raki before? It’s a Turkish alcoholic drink and usually like there is raki and you put water inside.
So it becomes like – it becomes like a white color. And usually people eat with different side dishes really like water melon or like Turkish cheese and they have like some other side dishes made of like olive oils. Many, many different side dishes.
9. Börek
“Savoury phyllo pie.”
Annem koca bir tepsi ıspanaklı börek yapmış.
“My mom baked a whole tray of spinach phyllo pie.”
So there are different flavors actually, not just spinach. They have with cheese, potato or meat, and my favorite is potato. It’s very delicious.
It says pie here but don’t be confused. It’s not something sweet. It’s salty and it’s also very high calorie but it’s very delicious.
I am sure if you eat once, you cannot stop yourself and you will eat the whole tray.
10. Dolma
“rice-stuffed vegetables”
Dolma için en çok kabak, biber ve patlıcan kullanılır.
“For rice-stuffed vegetables, zucchini, bell pepper, and eggplant are used most commonly.”
So usually Turkish children, they don’t like to eat the like zucchini, bell pepper or eggplant but they just eat inside.
So the outside, they don’t want to eat. It was same for me too actually. When I was a child, I never eat the outside. I only eat the inside of the rice, really. But when I grew up, I learned to eat actually. Unfortunately, now I am eating the whole.
Okay. Unfortunately, that’s it. We finished the video.
I am sure now you are getting hungry because I am so hungry.
I hope to see you guys in the next video with another delicious topic. Bye-bye!