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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. I am Selin from turkishclass101.com, today, we are going to talk about 10 Ways to Remember Words.
1. Tekrar etme "to repeat"
Benden sonra tekrar edin. "Repeat after me."
So I think repeating helps a lot because not just the words. Actually, you can repeat the sentences again and again. So you will remember easily and because the situations are actually pretty similar like you talk with someone. They ask you where are you from like this and situation always repeats itself. I mean, the same situation with different people. So if you just repeat the sentences all the time, you memorize it and you can use it more fluently next time.
2. Alt yazılı dizi izlemek "watching TV series with subtitles"
Çok fazla altyazılı dizi izlediğim için kelime dağarcığım belirgin şekilde gelişti. "My vocabulary has developed significantly because I was watching a lot of TV series with subtitles."
Actually that’s what I am doing to learn a foreign language and it helps me a lot. I am watching a lot of TV series. Maybe I saw something good but it helps me to learn a language. And actually there are so many Turkish TV dramas now also worldwide famous. I am sure you can find them easily on the internet.
Muhteşem Yüzyıl, which is Magnificent Century. It’s about the Ottoman Empire. It’s pretty famous as far as I heard like in Russia, in the Middle East. So maybe you can check that out but the language could be a bit hard for you actually because it’s like the old time’s but just do your best. It’s also a very fun TV series. So…
3. Yazarak çalışmak "practice by writing"
Kelimelerin doğru yazılışlarını öğrenmek için yazarak çalışmak şart. "Practice by writing is a must in order to learn the right spelling of words."
Practicing by writing, it might be a bit time consuming. I agree with that but when you write something so many times, then, you can remember it easily. For example, languages like Japanese, Russian, they have different alphabets. They have like kanji for example and it’s really hard to learn if you cannot write. So same goes for Turkish. When you write a word many times and many times, it’s going to be easy for you to remember. It’s going to come at your mind easily. That’s why I think it’s a good way to learn a language.
4. Yüksek sesle okumak "reading out loud"
Akıcı konuşabilmek için her gün yüksek sesle okuma alıştırması yapıyorum. "To be able to speak fluently, I practice reading out loud every day."
So reading out loud, it just doesn’t help you learn a language but also it helps with your diction. It helps you to sound more like a native speaker. It is also a very, very helpful way to learn a foreign language especially speaking part.
5. Hikaye uydurmak "making up stories"
Kelimelerin anlamları ile ilgili hikayeler uydurmak hatırlamaya yardımcı olur. "Making up stories about the meanings of the words helps you remembering what the words mean."
Sometimes, for example, when I make a presentation in another language, I am writing my own speech. So I am remembering all the time and it helps me memorize a language too at the same time. So yeah, I think it is really nice to make up your own stories. It’s going to be easy to remember.
6. Dinleyerek ezberlemek "memorize by listening"
Benim işitsel hafızam daha kuvvetli olduğundan kelimeleri dinleyerek ezberlemek benim için daha kolay. "Since I have a strong auditory memory, it's easier for me to memorize words by listening."
Do you remember the other one we talked like while watching TV series with subtitles? So when you watch it, when you watch the subtitles, of course, you also listen the drama, right? So it’s going to help you to remember. Actually, you will be doing both of them together. You will listen, you will read the subtitles and you will learn the language.
7. Kelimeler arasında bağlantı kurmak "creating associations between words"
Bu kelimeleri hiç unutmuyorum çünkü kelimeler arasında bağlantı kurarak ezberledim. "I never forget these words because I have memorized them by creating associations between words."
So you can create associations based on your daily life for example or something you have experienced. So this happened. The girl's name was this. It relates to this like this kind of relationship. Try to find examples from your own life.
8. Kelimeleri cümle içinde kullanmak "using the words in sentences"
Yeni kelimeleri cümle içinde kullanmak hem kelime dağarcığını hem de grameri geliştiriyor. "Using the new words in sentences develops the vocabulary and grammar."
You can use the new Turkish words you learn in sentences when you are talking with your Turkish friends and even though it’s wrong, then they can tell you. They can tell you the right way to use it. So just try to use it as much as possible.
9. Türkçe sözlü şarkı dinlemek "listening to songs with Turkish lyrics"
Bazı öğrenciler Türkçe sözlü şarkı dinleyerek yeni kelimeler öğreniyorlar. "Some students learn new words by listening to songs with Turkish lyrics"
I like Turkish rock music actually. So I am going to give you some examples. You can listen to their songs. But I know some songs are very hard to understand. So please don’t feel bad about that. The first group is MFU They are pretty old actually but they are one of the legends in Turkey and they have very, very nice songs and very easy to understand, if you ask me.
Also, there is one more band, they are Turkish Linkin Park, it is Manga. Yeah, just like the Japanese word Manga, and some songs are very hard to understand, I know, because they rap sometimes. So it’s really fast. But some of their songs are very nice and very easy to understand. Maybe you can check them out.
10. Uykuya yatmadan önce tekrar etmek "repeat before sleeping"
Uykuya yatmadan önce tekrar etmek yeni bilgilerin uzun süreli hafızaya geçmesini sağlıyor. "Repeating before going to sleep makes the new information become long-term memories."
And actually not just for a foreign language. I also did this when I studied like when I was studying to any of my lessons. I just read it once and then I sleep. Then, it really helps me to remember the next day. I did it for all my exams. And I think it works. It’s a really nice way to learn a foreign language. I think you should try it too.
Okay. That’s it for today. I know today we learned a bit long sentences and maybe it’s going to be hard for you to remember for the first time but if you watch this video many, many times, then I am sure it’s going to be much easier for you to remember. So please subscribe our channel if you want to watch more videos like that and please visit our website TurkishClass101.com, I hope to see you guys in the next video. Bye bye!