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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to Top Words! Today, we're going to be talking about Top 25 Phrases in Turkish. Let's begin!
Merhaba. Hello.
Our first word is merhaba, meaning "hello." We use merhaba, for example, when you're being introduced to someone else. After saying, for example, we're introduced, say merhaba. But we say the H between the R and A is lost. Merhaba. Nice to meet you. Merhaba.
Günaydın. Good morning.
Our second word is günaydın, meaning "good morning." We always use it, of course, in the morning. Günaydın.
İyi günler. Good afternoon.
Our third word is İyi günler, meaning "good afternoon."
İyi geceler. Good night.
Our fourth word is İyi geceler, meaning "good night."
İyi geceler!
This is how I sound when I say İyi geceler.
İyi geceler!
Adın ne? What's your name?
Our fifth word is Adın ne? "What's your name?"
Bursa. What's yours?
Ben (name). I'm (name).
Our sixth word is Ben (name), meaning "I'm (name)." For example, I'm Busra, Ben Büşra'yım.
Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum. Nice to meet you.
Our seventh word is Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum, meaning "nice to meet you."
Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum. This always sounds, well, I won't slow it down.
Nasılsın? How are you?
Our eighth word is Nasılsın? meaning "How are you?"
It goes like, Nasılsın?
İyiyim. Sen nasılsın? I'm fine. And you?
Our ninth word is İyiyim. Sen nasılsın? "I'm fine. And you?"
Lütfen. Please.
Our tenth word is lütfen, meaning "please." It goes like, lütfen, lütfen, lütfen...
No, it doesn't go like that. Lütfen.
Teşekkür ederim. Thank you.
Our eleventh word is Teşekkür ederim, meaning "thank you." You can also say Teşekkürler if you want to shorten it.
Rica ederim. You're welcome.
Our twelveth word is Rica ederim, meaning "you're welcome."
Rica ederim.
Evet. Yes.
Our thirteenth word is evet, meaning "yes."
Hayır. No.
Our fourteenth word is hayır, meaning "no."
Tamam. Okay.
Our fifteenth word is tamam, meaning "okay."
Afedersiniz. Excuse me.
Our sixteenth word is afedersiniz, meaning "excuse me."
Özür dilerim. I'm sorry.
Our seventeenth word is Özür dilerim, meaning "I'm sorry."
Saat kaç? What time is it?
Our eighteenth word is Saat kaç? "What time is it?"
Saat kaç?
Banyo nerede? Where is the restroom?
Our nineteenth word is banyo nerede? "Where is the restroom?"
Dur bir dakika. Wait a moment.
Our twentieth word is dur bir dakika, meaning "wait a moment."
Bu ne kadar? How much is this?
Our twenty-first word is Bu ne kadar? meaning "How much is this?"
Hesap lütfen. Check, please.
Our twenty-second word is Hesap lütfen. "Check, please."
Tebrikler. Congratulations!
Our twenty-third word is Tebrikler, meaning "Congratulations!"
Görüşürüz. See you later.
Our twenty-fourth word is Görüşürüz, meaning "see you later."
Güle güle. Goodbye.
Our twenty-fifth word is Güle güle, meaning "Goodbye."
Thank you, guys, so much for watching. Today we talked about the Top 25 Phrases in Turkish. Thanks again! Teşekkür ederim.
Görüşürüz. See you later.